Staples High School: Old And New

Staples High School is an ultra-modern school. Built less than 10 years ago, it works very well in the 21st century.

But Staples is also 128 years old. It started out on Riverside Avenue in 1884. Over 70 years later — in 1958 — it moved to North Avenue. Those 9 separate units were eventually merged into 1, in 1981.

Our high school has stood the test of time well. The original lintel now serves as the main sign at the entrance. Trees planted nearly 60 years ago flourish. And — set back from the road — the new building will stand for decades to come.

Staples High School lintel

Staples HS - autumn

3 responses to “Staples High School: Old And New

  1. Is the large plaque with the quote from President Kennedy still there? Also, fun fact: When Staples on North Avenue first opened, it had a nice Colonial style wooden sign. It was immediately blown up by kids with cherry bombs. Another one was built, the same thing happened. The third time, they installed the stone sign you see today.

    • Yes, the JFK “Ask not…” paque – a gift of the Class of 1964 — is still near it was originally placed. Now it’s on the outside of a building in an inner courtyard. Mollie Donovan helped get it restored several years ago.

      As for the wooden sign — a gift of the Class of ’65 or ’66, as I recall — it was indeed replaced. But I don’t think it was replaced by the lintel. That was also in an inner courtyard, until the 2005 new building was built.

      • Hi, Dan — Yes, I was Class of ’67 so I remember all of these things (installation of the Kennedy plaque, etc.) I remember the wooden sign being installed at the front of the driveway to North Avenue, and seeing it after it exploded — twice! — from the cherry bombs. We all laughed (although I was not involved with the prank!) when it was replaced with a stone sign — I think it’s the one in your photo but I haven’t been back in a long time. I mainly want to say how much I enjoy your blog — I’m a musician in Austin these days so it’s fun and interesting to have all your great updates. — Mandy