We’re #111!

Forbes has released its annual list of America’s most expensive zip codes.

94027 — Atherton, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley — is the priciest place in the nation. The median cost of 24 homes listed for sale last summer was a cool $9.03 million.

New York is the state with the most expensive zip codes: 6 of the top 10. 11962 — Sagaponack, in Southampton — is #2, followed by 3 in Manhattan.

This house was listed at $1,849,000 -- just about the median price in Westport, but more than $7 million below the median in Atherton, California.

This house was listed at $1,849,000. That’s very near the median price in Westport, but more than $7 million below Atherton, California.

Connecticut does not even crack the top 50. Three Greenwich zip codes appear at #52, 56 and 69. 06880 is our state’s 7th most expensive zip code, and we’re only #111 in the nation. Our median home price is $1,897,892.

Weston’s 06883 is #330 ($1,111,516).

I can only imagine what the teardowns and new construction look like in 94027.

And how poorly the drivers of all those expensive cars park.

(Click on Forbes.com for the full 500 list.)

12 responses to “We’re #111!

  1. According to the local MLS, in 2013, 362 Westport homes were sold from Jan. – Sept. at a median price of $1,538,416. In 2014 YTD, 290 homes have sold with a median price of $1,569,028. That’s a significant fluctuation in units (-20%) while prices remained relatively flat (+2%). Of course this data includes the other Westport zip code of 06881 (Greens Farms post office) which may alter these prices. I looked because $1,897,892 seemed a bit high and, of course, this data is only for the first 9 months of the year. Does all the new construction increase the averages? Last year the mean average was $2,300,000 for the 39 new construction properties versus this year of 32 properties at $2,610,000. Just curious where their data comes from. Enjoy this beautiful fall weekend.

  2. Jayne Mauborgne

    HI Dan, Thanks for your article in Friday’s Westport News. The only thing missing from it was changing Compo. A wonderful perspective. Jayne Mauborgne

  3. As I think about it, this may be exactly why we have all of the entitled parking, driving, posting, etc. – all of the 94027/Southampton/Manhattan wannabes just acting out.

  4. Linda Gramatky Smith

    Dan, your column in the Westport News on Friday WAS one of your best! I noticed that “a committee” wanting to change Compo when everyone who spoke out said “Keep it the same!” was the only thing you missed. Hmm, are you trying to avoid controversy?

  5. I typed in a smile after my last sentence, but it disappeared. I know how you are always willing to be controversial if necessary.

  6. Marcy Anson Fralick

    Here’s another list, and Weston made it to #3~~


    • David J Loffredo

      Based on income from a population 1/3 the size of Westport – irrelevant poll – price of housing is far more interesting (and shocking)

  7. Location…
    This post sounds almost disappointed not to be higher on the list. Really?

  8. There are approximately 43,000 zip codes in the U.S. That places Westport in the top 0.3%. Although, is being in the wealthiest 0.3% the “top?” Perhaps…

  9. Anyone know how to get the actual full list? The link to the Forbes article doesn’t have a list or link to it anywhere….