Post Road Ghost Town

Ospreys are not all that have fled the Fresh Market shopping center.

4 of the 6 easternmost storefronts are vacat.

So is, which recently decamped for new digs on the site of the old Brook Cafe, across the street from Starbucks.

Fresh Market shopping center

Is it a sign of a changing economy? Rents that climbed out of whack? Competition from other shopping centers, or other towns?

The good news: There’s plenty of parking.

Take 3 spaces. No one will care.

12 responses to “Post Road Ghost Town

  1. Sherri Wolfgang-Peyser

    I heard a rumor that Anthropologie was moving there.

  2. Home Depot & Starbucks ?

  3. “Take 3 spaces. No one will care.”

    Whoa, Dan, that’s crazy talk!

  4. Hi, Dan,

    There is a new tenant coming into this space. The landlord asked the old tenants to leave to accommodate the change. Only the cleaners on the end refused to move. I don’t know about the reason for moving, but I think their new space gives their merchandise great visibility and parking is probably adequate.

    Don’t despair. Best, Jean

  5. Nancy Powers Conklin

    I had no idea that Fresh Market vacated the property! I do know that the Kowalski Bros. sold the entire shopping center a while ago. Maybe the new landlord raised the rents so high, no tenants could afford the new rent. One thing we can always depend on is that Westport is continually in a mode of change. The Westport of our youth is long gone…sigh.

  6. Fresh Market is still there. The vacancies are at the other end.

  7. Michael Calise

    the property was purchased by a REIT. Due to the Ponzi Scheme investment strategy of these kinds of investors local business’s are generally not welcome in favor of “national tenants”. its the great hominization of America. At some point of course it will all crumble and we will be back to square one with local business’s filling the cracks, carrying the day and rebuilding the marketplace

  8. Lisa Marie Alter

    From what I understand, Nancy (Powers Conklin) & Mike (Calise) are right on TARGET.

    As a town, Westport will one day regret the choices that were made – in the name of profit – but not for the benefit of our town, townspeople or local business owners…

    What took place on Main Street is spreading to the rest of the town.

    There will be no “Mom & Pops” left to support our booster clubs, Staples Players programs, and sports teams…
    National chains don’t care about our local Brownie troops.

    Jean (Coleman): There IS despair – VERY REAL DESPAIR.

  9. In a Town primarily populated now by Wall Street guys, it shouldn’t come as a great surprise that they’ve gobbled up all of the commercial real estate. Gone are the days when the “Old Time Westporters” owned everything, now it’s sophisticated hedge funds.

    Those HF’s are looking for high rates of return – so they raise the rents, kick out the tenants who eventually can’t pay, resurrect the infrastructure, and then flip it to the highest bidder – which in most cases will always be a large national chain who can sign a big lease.

    I’m just waiting for the announcment that Macy’s is coming to the redeveloped YMCA – it surely won’t be a mix of small independent retailers – if you’re looking for those you need to drive up the road to Fairfield.