Returning A Few Crumbs

The Y in downtown Westport is closed, and it won’t be coming back.

But Crumbs may be.

Business Insider reports that the luxury cupcake chain will begin reopening stores this month. They were shut in July, due to a cash crunch.

A Manhattan store will reopen Tuesday. Another 25 will follow, including the Westport location behind Tiffany.

That’s good news for cupcake lovers. Even better: With the Y gone, there’s plenty of parking nearby.

(Hat tip to Stacey Henske)


5 responses to “Returning A Few Crumbs

  1. Mary Ann West

    Maybe it’s just me…isn’t the cupcake trend over? I am way too cheap to pay $4 for something I can make for pennies.

    It looks like the gourmet grilled cheese fad is following those cuppers, at least by judging the underwhelming amount of cars parked at the new Grilled Cheese spot near the former Great Cakes.

  2. One and done! Crumbs was very overrated!

  3. With the Y gone, should we have Crumbs? Especially with plenty of parking nearby? LOL

  4. Sounds like they are trying to make a Crumback.

    • Not too ‘crum’my a joke, JP…at ‘yeast’ you’re trying…’batter’ up!
      I’ll quit ‘yolk’ing…
      Sorry for ‘pun’ishing you…Not much of a pun, actually
      (3/4 maybe: P.U.*)…!