Yes, This Is A Parking Lot. No, That Is Not A Parking Space

Note to the driver of the Cadillac who stopped her car right here yesterday morning:

CVS parking

You can tell which are the parking spots. They have lines.

And when someone stops and tells you you’ve parked rudely and ridiculously — as also happened this morning — you should not walk right past her, as if she does not exist.

Although, to be fair, there is no sign there explicitly stating  “No Parking.”

10 responses to “Yes, This Is A Parking Lot. No, That Is Not A Parking Space

  1. vivianne pommier


  2. Michelle Benner

    Thankfully, the laughter & smile gifted by your humorous headlines help to temper the moral outrage generated by such entitled, selfish, ridiculousness.

  3. CVS lot yet again!! Some people jus should not

  4. William Adler

    Nor is there a sign saying “no parking” in the middle of I-95 !!!

  5. Dan — I love your tag for this story and others. Not just “parking,” but “entitled parking.” Yes, indeed it is. Further, entitled parking is a tourist attraction, and I’m here to testify for that. During a recent visit to Westport (this Staples Class of 1975 graduate now lives in Massachusetts), I stopped by the Starbucks on the Post Road near the Sherwood Island Connector just to see if the parking was as crazy as some of the pictures you’ve published from there. Sadly, everyone was parking according to Hoyle. No excitement. But I bought some coffee. Presto! My interest in entitled parking at Starbucks enriched the town’s economy. Which inspires an idea: Duck Boat tours of Westport’s likeliest entitled parking lots. Sort of like the whale-watching tours but on dry land. We guarantee an entitled parker on every excursion or your money back. Keep your cameras ready, folks! (We also guarantee a McMansion under construction and a teardown in progress on every excursion at no extra cost.)

    • One other observation, Dan. Massachusetts drivers (a.k.a. “Massholes”) are known for their arrogance in on-the-go traffic movements — especially “taking red lights” by speeding through intersections several seconds after the traffic signal turns red as if entitled to claim the light is still yellow or even green. By contrast, staid Connecticut drivers are relatively tame on city streets but they go positively haywire when they park.

  6. Imagine how a chapter by Rick Steves, Fodor’s, even Anthony Bourdain would read?

    • Sharon Paulsen

      Haha – yes, Bourdain would surely rip a creative new one for each entititled instance!

  7. Geez : ) Another good one, Dan. I’ve experienced the “you do no exist” walk by — lol. Have to say, I’ve seen this everywhere though. See it in our city all of the time. Westport should not feel singled out but it is so funny in such a small close knit town.