Lia’s “Ices”

Lia Ices just got a nice shout-out from Entertainment Weekly.

On her 3rd album — called “Ices” — the singer-songwriter “still sounds like that art-school girl you had a crush on,” EW wrote.

“But her songs have gotten fuller and lusher. [The album’s] warm wash of ethereal vocals and electronics belies its chilly title.”

Lia Ices

Lia Ices

Lia Ices is the stage name of Leah Kessel. She’s a former Staples Player who acted in “Runaways” and “Heidi Chronicles,” before leaving for private school and NYU (where she earned a degree in experimental theater in 2007).

Her influences include Iggy Azalea, the Cocteau Twins and — this will resonate with older “06880” readers — Steely Dan.

According to Elle magazine, she splits time between the Hudson Valley (where she records) and Sonoma, California (where she lives with her winemaker boyfriend).

“I can be super reclusive and hermetic, and then I can be in California and host dinner parties and drink wine,” she says.

The track below — “Higher” — is “a chirpy schoolyard melody spliced with a killer guitar riff,” Elle says. It’s her 1st radio single.

Let’s hope “Ices” turns hot as hell.


5 responses to “Lia’s “Ices”

  1. FYI – the player responsible for that ‘killer guitar riff’ is the young man featured in the video – her younger brother Eliot. Lia’s music has been featured on hit TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars. Those Kessel kids are super talented, and, super nice!

  2. “This is very serious” – a line in one of the monologues Lea delivered in “Runaways”. In a superb cast, Lea stood out. I may be off by one year, but I’m thinking fall of ’96. I can still close my eyes and see most of the show, especially Lea. Honest, sincere, delicate touch on stage that pulls the audience in to linger awhile. Lea, we only worked together for one semester. Your departure saddened me but it was so much fun to watch this video and know that your creative spirit is stretching and that your journey appears to be rich and blessed.

  3. Mike Elliot SHS Class of '72

    Bravo Ms. Luster for staying connected to the children of Westport and their talents, that you so nurtured through the years. I was not in Players or anything close to musical or theatrical. However I did take one class with you and your impact on me was great, as it was for countless other students……I wanted you to know! Your passion for this town and its kids continues to shines….again I say Bravo! I do not know the Kessel’s but kudos to the them!

  4. Mike, I have great affection for you and your family. You, Kathy and Chuck were all in classes I taught. I always got a kick out of seeing on Channel 8 and I think I ran into at a football game long after you graduated. Kathy was on the shy side but Chuck was not. We used to joke about how he might not remember his lines but he always had something to say – miss him as many still do. Best to you and thank you for your kind comments. They fill me up!

  5. Ask to speak to Sue Ryan. She’s in charge of baptisms. Cheryl