Qdoba Is No Longer The Newest Mexican Restaurant In Town

Last winter, word on the calle was that 2 popular Mexican restaurants were coming to town.

Qdoba came. Chipotle did not.

But when no one was looking, Señor Salsa snuck up on us.

Senor Salsa

The Westport outpost of the Fairfield-based Mexican grill just opened on Post Road West, at the corner of Sylvan Road South.

For years, that was the site of Connolly’s. During its long vacancy, there were rumors that Señor Salsa was coming in. Finally — long after everyone forgot — it’s happened.

The menu features burritos, tacos, fajitas, tamales, quesadillas and more. It seems on the Qdoba end of the scale — perhaps Cuatros Hermanos — rather than Bartaco or Villa del Sol, both of which are quite different from each other.

And then there’s Viva’s, which has been here since (it seems) Emiliano Zapata himself was alive.

But Westport’s restaurant scene is a big tent.

¡Bienvenidos, Señor Salsa!

Senor Salsa menu

(Photos by — and a hat tip to — alert and hungry “06880” reader Lisa Shufro.)

5 responses to “Qdoba Is No Longer The Newest Mexican Restaurant In Town

  1. Happy they have moved here and I highly recommend the Cancun Burrito. But not surprisingly, the prices are higher here than the Fairfield location…once again, we have the privilege of paying a Westport premium 🙁

  2. I do like Mexican food, but, I suspect we are approaching the saturation point at this time. One of my early favorites was Pancho Villa’s, located where the upstairs room at Aqua is now located…I o recall the entrance was up the stairs from Main Street. They featured a mariachi band most nights which always caused a brief, and slightly awkward pause in your meal as they sidled up to your table. It did add some mood to the place and the food was pretty decent and the margaritas gave a nice buzz. Fortunately we could walk home and not worry about driving.
    I remember the couple who owned the place quite vividly…very nice people, she, as hostess, usually wore outfits that I envision you would find in Acapulco, if not Tiajuana, though I do not believe she was Mexican. He, on the other hand, I recall as being Mexican and looked the part. Though, I think he had what did not appear to be a typically Mexican first name….Israel. But don’t quote me….my memory may be off on that.

  3. Viva’s! I live in California now where we are spoiled for choices when it comes to good Mexican food and still I miss Viva’s cheese enchiladas and mason jar drinks.

  4. Hey Bill, before we moved into your old house?

  5. Tried Señor Salsa last night (10/24/14).
    Who a has nothing to worry about.
    The food was COLD and tasteless. I’m certain that we could have gotten a better meal at Taco Bell. We threw most of our two dishes away. Will NOT go there again.