You wouldn’t know it from the traffic whizzing by, drivers on cell phones, and bicyclists and runners who think nothing of exercising at 5 a.m. wearing all dark clothes, but Westport is one of the safest places in Connecticut.

There are only 2 safer municipalities out of all 37 with populations of at least 10,000, in fact. (They’re Darien and Greenwich. You had to ask.)

That’s the conclusion of Movoto, an online real estate brokerage that takes such surveys in an attempt to get publicity in places like blogs.

Hey, it worked.

Westport PoliceThe Movoto folks collected crime data from 2012 in 7 categories: murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, theft and vehicle theft. They weighted crime rates so that murders, violent crimes and property crimes accounted for 30 percent each of the overall score, and total crimes made up 10 percent.

Westport had just 26 vehicle thefts, 1,014 thefts and 150 burglaries in 2012. There were 41 violent crimes “per 100,000 people,” though our population is 1/4 that.

1st Selectman Jim Marpe applauded Police Chief Dale Call and the rest of the Police Department, for their “presence, professionalism, skill and expertise” that are displayed every day.

“I am personally proud and grateful that the protection of all our citizens is the number one priority of this first class department,” he added, from the safety of his 3rd floor Town Hall office.

PS:  Connecticut is the 11th safest state in the nation. But it still makes sense to lock our doors.

(Here’s the link to the full “10 Safest Places in Connecticut” survey.)

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