The Calm After The Storm

Once today’s storm passed, Fred Cantor headed to Compo Beach. Here’s the serene scene:

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

Plus, he reports, Joey’s was open.

2 responses to “The Calm After The Storm

  1. Nice storm coverage Dan! I was at Burying Hill Beach from 2 pm until after the most intense cell passed thru at 5:15 pm. This last storm in the string today resembled several intense microbursts(July, 1991) and storms like Irene in 2011(albeit much smaller in scale and duration than Irene) and the March 2010 coastal storm in its intensity. Fortunately today’s storms passed thru the area quickly. Plus CL&P’s massive tree trimming efforts following Super Storm Sandy has paid off resulting today in far less tree damage than might have been expected and many fewer customer outages (peak was around 425 out at 5:30 or about 3% of town). That tree on Greens Farms Road I called into CL&P and the town at 5:45 between Beachside Ave and Morningside South seemed to have caused the most damage in one location in the area of Greens Farms I drove thru – two broken poles with all primary wires broken and in the road – definitely a job for multiple crews to repair – and a good spot for motorists to avoid tonight.
    Chris Swan

  2. That’s Fred for you….always looking for the bright side!