Did It Rain? Hail, Yeah!

This afternoon’s brief but intense thunderstorm — with quarter-sized hail — caused havoc in pockets of Westport.

Trees are down, and there’s local flooding.

Rich Stein took these photos. Here’s the scene where Evergreen Avenue intersects North Compo Road:

Evergreen and North Compo September 6 2014And this was a stuck Mini Cooper at Myrtle Avenue, near the Post Road:

September 6 2014 storm - Rich Stein

Jeb Backus took this photo of extensive Post Road flooding in front of Geiger’s, near Morningside:

Morningside flooded - Jeb Backus

Here is David Conneely’s video, from his 2nd-floor iFloat facility on Main Street:

A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 9 p.m. tonight.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got any photos from today’s wild weather, send ’em along.

8 responses to “Did It Rain? Hail, Yeah!

  1. Just saw a CL&P go by our house towards downtown. Seems like most of power outage is I’m downtown area. Anywhere else?

  2. Hunt club area is out too. Transformer on the ground on Hyde Lane.

  3. So many lessons lost, not learned.

    • Two broken poles on Greens Farms Rd and primary wires all down between Beachside and Morningside South so police blocking road there. This would affect residents along Greens Farms from New Creek Rd to Clapboard Hill plus some homes at south ends of Turkey Hill South and Morningside South. Latest outage estimates 416 homes out or 3% of town.

  4. Flavien freedman

    My parents on Evergreen ave (close to downtown) in first picture are also reporting loss of power.

  5. I visited Westport for the first time in a year today. Drove all around, went everywhere, had a very nice time (saw Larry Silvers’ great photos at the Historical Society). While waiting on the station platform for the 3:32 train back to NYC I was thinking I should have stayed in town a bit longer. Looks like I picked the right train after all.