Brian Chapman’s Mission Of Mercy

As summer fades into memory (very quickly), here’s a nice beach story.

Westporter Brian Chapman lives a quiet life. His daughter Colby (Staples High School Class of 2011) says his favorite activities are golf, and watching the sunset several times a week at Compo’s South Beach, with a circle of friends. She relays this story, from her mother.

The other night, Brian noticed a seagull struggling in the water. He borrowed a nearby kayak, and quickly paddled out.

Brian Chapman paddles out...

Brian Chapman paddles out…

The bird’s wings were tangled in a fishing line, and a lure was wrapped around one leg. Brian got the bird in the boat. His reluctant passenger nipped him many times, as Brian paddled to shore.

With the help of the kayak owner, they untangled the bird. Within minutes, it flew off into another beautiful Westport sunset.

...and saves a seagull.

…and saves a seagull.

7 responses to “Brian Chapman’s Mission Of Mercy

  1. Rindy Higgins

    This sounds like the exact same seagull that was at Sherwood Island East Beach the other day. As director of the nature center there, I was the recipient of two reports about a gull wrapped in fishing line hobbling along the upper beach. I reported it to the rangers and ENCON, but nothing was done. I felt helpless….never mind how the gull felt. I am so glad that the gull had a happy ending. Thank you, Brian Chapman.

  2. Not surprising as Brian is a wonderful, caring person just like his wife.

  3. You are a lovely man Brian. I hope we meet one day so imay thank you in person for your beautiful act of kindness. I’m a real animal lover and have great respect for those who understand our furry, winged, and pawed friends. Thanks for sharing
    your story!

  4. Ernie Lorimer

    I used to think seagulls were pests, capable of grabbing a steak off the bbq and dropping the result on my boat.

    They seem to have gone the way of the lobsters in the sound. Not that many anymore.

  5. Ann Marie Flynn

    With the ultra kind act of Brian’s rescue perhaps there is hope for their return…..and, maybe we should BBQ more steaks to welcome them.

  6. Thank you Brian for your act of compassion….:)

  7. Westport needs more caring folks like mr chapman …
    Too many whinners in town !