Max’s Time To Go

After reading yesterday’s “06880” post about the final days of Max’s Art Supplies, local artist Miggs Burroughs hustled down to the store he’s loved for so many years.

He wanted the iconic Karron’s Jewelry clock, rescued once from another Westport store and long a symbol of the famed art store.

He was just a minute late. Sherri Wolfgang — a close friend — had already bought it. She told Miggs she’d wanted it since she was 8 years old, and bought her first sketch pad at Max’s.

“At least I got to take this historic photo with Shirley Mellor, Rita Ross Englebardt, Jay Cimbak, Nina Royce and Sherri, who was in tears the whole time,” Miggs says. “It was very emotional moment for everyone.”

The clock and (from left) Nina Royce, Rita Ross Englebardt, Sherri Wolfgang, Shirley Mellor, Jay Cimbak.

The clock and (from left) Nina Royce, Rita Ross Englebardt, Sherri Wolfgang, Shirley Mellor, Jay Cimbak. (Photo/MIggs Burroughs)


8 responses to “Max’s Time To Go

  1. Bruce Fernie - SHS 1970

    I bet Larry Karron (SHS 1970) would love to have his Fathers clock also. He now lives in Kennebunk Maine if it was ever for sale.

  2. How poignant. I wish them all well…you don’t realize what you had until it’s gone…mia culpa.

  3. How much $ ?
    Great clock !

  4. Sherri Wolfgang

    There will never be another Max’s Art Store and I was very lucky that I can run faster than Miggs! 🙂
    I promised Shirley I will “keep the clock in our family”.

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow, super cool!

  6. Sylvia Robinson Corrigan

    Sue Karron was Larry’s sister, and sadly, she passed away many years ago. It should be noted that she was one of the members of the 1964 Staples Class which just had its 50th. One of those red roses we released was for her!

  7. For readers who don’t know about Karron’s Jewelry (as on the clock), this was a store across the Post Road from Max’s, further east, maybe in the Dixon Building (if that’s still a name). Karron’s sold watches and clocks and all sorts of things and Jack Karron was an interesting character. He was also helpful to my older brother who liked to collect vintage clocks. My brother would find 30-pound marble clocks in second-hand stores in South Norwalk and lug them home on his bicycle. Jack gave him advice on making them run. Those clocks might be rare now but only one remains. Many years later I bought a wedding ring from Jack Karron – but that’s another story.

  8. Jo Shields Dickison

    I remember that clock well… Nina and Shirley used to give it a quick and significant glance when I’d come running in at the last minute for supplies to keep me working through the night. They once remarked that I was “like clockwork” — that clock always seemed to read 5:25. Max’s will be high on my list of things longingly missed.