Left Hanging — Update

UPDATE:  Early this morning, Diane Lowman wrote:

Had windows open last night because it was so cool. Serenaded by chainsaws from about 1-3 a.m.! Not much sleep, but that’s ok. I haven’t been out to check yet but assume road is clear! 

We haven’t had a major storm in a while.

But, alert “06880” reader Diane Lowman reports, this downed tree has been hanging on power lines across Partrick Road since yesterday (Wednesday) morning.

Partrick Road tree

Several reports have been made, she says. Westport Police “babysat” it all day today (Thursday), so no one would hit it and bring the power lines down.

“I appreciate it,” Diane said at 8 p.m. “They’re still out there blocking the road. But I’m sure their time could have been better spent.”

CL&P came at 5 p.m., Diane says. They looked at the situation.

Then they left.



2 responses to “Left Hanging — Update

  1. Looks like telecomm cable – not power – so not job for CL&P – try calling AT&T or Cablevision?

  2. Dorrie Thomas

    Maybe recent sad Hollywood events are on my mind more than others’ …but I have to say, I rather wish you had chosen a different phrase to head up your blog posting this evening. :/