Garelick & Herbs’ Saugatuck Saga

Over 20 years ago, Paula and Jason Garelick searched all around Westport for the right site. They had an idea — “Garelick & Herbs,” a spot for fresh, gourmet food, with takeout and catering — and they really liked Bridge Square, just across the river in Saugatuck.

Ultimately they decided on the Post Road, opposite Stop & Shop. It seemed more convenient for folks running around town. The Bridge Square property has become many things. Today it’s a Dunkin’ Donuts.

Next week, Saugatuck will finally have a Garelick & Herbs. The wildly popular store is opening a new location across the street from Bridge Square, at 580 Riverside Avenue. It’s the former site of CM Gourmet Market. (There are Garelick & Herbses in New Canaan and Greenwich, too.)

Garelick & Herbs: coming soon to Saugatuck Center.

Garelick & Herbs: coming soon to Saugatuck Center.

Meanwhile, the store is expanding its original location. It’s moving a few hundred yards east and across the Post Road in Southport, into a spot once occupied by the Double L Farm Stand.

Paula and Jason always wanted to be near the train station. People could stop in for an early coffee, and on their way home pick up a fresh-cooked meal. They’re now working on a special commuter menu: “The Saugatuck Express.”

It will join Garelick & Herbs’ well-loved seasonal menus, along with an organic salad and juice bar. They’ll continue catering everything from family events to elegant weddings.

Saugatuck Center is changing nearly every day. It’s a far different place than it was just a few years ago — let alone 1992, when Paula and Jason Garelick almost opened their 1st store there.

But I bet Garelick & Herbs will be a Riverside Avenue mainstay for decades to come.

Another place to get coffee in Saugatuck -- though 22 years ago it might have been the original Garelick & Herbs.

Another place to get coffee in Saugatuck — though 22 years ago it might have been the original Garelick & Herbs.


3 responses to “Garelick & Herbs’ Saugatuck Saga

  1. John Backiel

    Is Jason Garelick any relation to Ed Garelick, the Westport attorney of many years ?

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  2. We are more than delighted to welcome GarelIck to Saugatuck.

    My question??? Will we get anything but restaurants and food markets??
    Other than Downunder, we have no retail stores or shops.

  3. Thrilled for Paula, Jason, and their continued expansion in the area — congratulations! What’s not mentioned in this post is the incredible generosity and community support given by Garelick & Herbs every year to a number of local charitable causes. They are a wonderful business.