Super Sunday, Super Moon

Mark Edwards took this shot tonight at Compo Beach. A lone swimmer is bathed by the light of the “super moon.”

Super moon - Mark Edwards

Quite a way to end a gorgeous, sun-filled weekend.

4 responses to “Super Sunday, Super Moon

  1. Nancy W Hunter

    Beautiful photo (though it is “shark week”!)
    I’ve noticed this super moon, here on the pacific, for the last two nights. Tonight is to be the best sight.

    Nice to know that we see the same moon!

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow, beautiful!
    And, perhaps a tad bit worrisome to see a lone swimmer, and a single sailboat, under that moon, now that Shark Week has been mentioned! (Thanks Nancy W. Hunter)

  3. It illuminated our bed during the night…almost like a storybook illustration…lovely.

  4. Nancy W Hunter

    Perseids meteor shower is next! Must stay up late to have a glimpse!
    (hope it doesn’t appear as “sharknado”)