CL&P Saves The Ospreys

For months, an osprey nest high above a Fresh Market utility pole has fascinated Westporters.

This morning though, the raptors caused a power outage at the shopping center.

CL&P workers rushed to the scene. Merchants and shoppers gathered to watch, as crew members in 2 large buckets examined the scene.

Osprey nest

Everyone expected the nest to be removed.

Instead, the CL&P guys carefully rerouted the electrical feed a few yards away. The nest was undisturbed.

The utility company has taken a ton of hard knocks in the past few years, over their slow response to natural disasters.

This could have been a disaster of another kind. CL&P’s quick — and very wise — response should have them flying high.

8 responses to “CL&P Saves The Ospreys

  1. Based on the droppings beneath the pole, it’s a good thing the CL&P workers wore helmets.

  2. Wonderful outcome. Thanks for posting Dan.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Hear hear for feel-good stories! Glad this didn’t turn into an EPA vs. Utilities battle.

  4. Ellen Wentworth

    So glad for everyone! Now that was one for the birds! Lol

  5. Good for C.L. & P. That’s what I call doing it right!

  6. I agree. Unusually humane.

  7. Mark Mathias

    Note that CL&P is using equipment with the Terex Telelect brand on it. Terex is based here in Westport.

  8. Morley Boyd

    It’s my understanding that the ospreys recently installed a number of high-draw appliances in their nest. On an unrelated note, it’s kind of funny – but not really – to see that these Ospreys have evidently discovered how much easier it is to fish in local koi ponds…