Putting A New Stamp On Saugatuck

If you’re one of the many Westporters peeved by the Playhouse Square post office: Help is at hand.

A new branch opens next month in Saugatuck. Located on Ketchum Street, just off Franklin Avenue — the one-way street running from Tarry Lodge underneath I-95 — it’s got 2 things our itty-bitty shopping center post office lacks: parking, and interior space larger than, um, a postage stamp.

Saugatuck post office

The Saugatuck branch replaces the old building next to the train station, which was followed by a grim temporary trailer in a parking lot opposite Dunville’s.

As a resident of the condos behind Playhouse Square, I strongly urge everyone to use this new branch for all your postal needs. (Or not. As noted in the comments below, it’s for post office boxes only.)

And — once you’re there — bop over to Garelick & Herbs. WestportNow reports that the popular gourmet food store opens soon at 580 Riverside Avenue, across from Downunder. It replaces CM, another gourmet market.

Garelick & Herbs is also vacating its Post Road East location, opposite Stop & Shop. It will move to the Southport line, site of the former Double L Market.

Which is not far from the Green’s Farms post office. Where you can also go, to avoid the Playhouse Square mess.

7 responses to “Putting A New Stamp On Saugatuck

  1. John Hartwell

    Greens Farms Post Office has parking and friendly staff (not to mention customers!). In an era of faceless bureaucracy, it’s a warm, welcoming place.

  2. Werner Liepolt

    It’s my impression that the Saugatuck facility is just for post office boxes… http://www.westportnow.com/index.php?/v2_5/comments/new_saugatuck_postal_box_facility_to_open_in_august/

  3. Beth Berkowitz

    I think all of these are great news for the saugutuck area! I’m looking forward to all of these new additions.

  4. Michele Carey-Moody

    Subtle Dan very nice. 🙂

  5. Sally Campbell Palmer

    I just came from the layhouse Square P.O…..busy day bottleneck conditions. I swear the red light for Playhouse Square exit lasts for at least 2 minutes. While the exit traffic stacks up, no one can get in or out of parking spaces and it all turns into a real tangle. Fortunately, there are a lot of patient people who give each other a turn. I thought the Saugatuck PO was just for PO boxes too…..? Don’t blame you for wanting us all out of there, Dan!