3 Bears For Sale

No, not the longtime restaurant on Newtown Turnpike. That was sold awhile ago — to Chabad Lubavitch.

These 3 bears — papa, mama and baby? — have stood for years outside the Post Road BP gas station, near Maple Avenue.

Bear collage

Now it’s an Exxon station.

And the bears bear “For Sale” signs.

The oil industry doesn’t get more cutthroat than this.



4 responses to “3 Bears For Sale

  1. Joseph THANHAUSER


    You run a magnificent blog – keep up the great work and, of course, continue flossing regularly.

    Ahmo have to git me one of them bears! However, I got a few custom requirements . . . I am told that the carver is in upstate New York – do you have any idea who he/she is?


    Joe Thanhauser 22 Regents Park Etc.

    • Sorry, Joe — I do not. Swing by BP — I mean, Exxon — I think the “For Sale” signs have some info on them.

  2. Exxon mandates that the only animals allowed to be on display at any of their stations is a Tiger. I personally think the bear of the left looks (h)armless enough to me.

  3. JP Vellotti

    Maybe paint some stripes on them and call it a day?