Que Pasa, Qdoba?

You may not have heard of Qdoba. But your kids probably have.

As reported in “06880” way back in Enero, the Mexican grill — beloved by college students for its (relatively) fresh food and (somewhat) reasonable prices — is coming to our little ciudad.

The sign went up today:


Burritos, quesadillas and 3-cheese nachos can’t be far behind.

Qdoba is located in the free-standing space at the entrance to Playhouse Square. The previous tenant was Pierre Deux. Before that, it was Alphagraphics. Earlier, it was Sam Goody.

Waaaaay before that, the Crest Drive-In.

And yeah — even longer ago, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth — it was a Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen, Westport CT 1956

Fortunately, Qdoba has its own parking lot. So traffic in Playhouse Square won’t be adversely affected — well, not too much.

On the Post Road around that light, though — ¡ay, caramba!

29 responses to “Que Pasa, Qdoba?

  1. JP Vellotti

    Interesting…I didn’t realized that section of Westport was zoned for a fast-food chain restaurant. I thought that was reserved for higher-end spots, like next to the new Maserati dealer.

    “Hello, Maserati of Westport. Directions? Oh, just go past Starbucks and take a right immediately after Arby’s.”

    • Or, for you older-timers: “Just go past the Brook and Krazy Vin’s, and take a right immediately after Carrolls.”

      • JP Vellotti

        Well THAT would have made the Maserati directions a bit more exciting!!

  2. Morley Boyd

    This is a nice looking project and it is evident that a lot of capital has been placed at risk. As a Westporter (and a neighbor) I wish Qdoba the very best of success.

  3. Ugh!! Really gross quality and taste. Who will eat there when the college kids aren’t here?? Where’s chipotle when you need one!!

  4. Michael Calise

    FYI – when the applicant appeared before the P&Z they were short of spaces on the lower lot but they reported a survey taken throughout the day which claimed that spaces were generally available in the upper lot during peak business hours for the restaurant.

  5. Michael Calise

    When the applicant appeared before the P&Z they were short of required spaces in the proposed restaurant lot but they presented a brief survey that claimed there were plenty of available spaces in the upper lot during restaurant hours.

  6. Sandy Soennichsen

    I am also under the belief that two more Mexican or Hispanic style restaurants are coming in; one almost directly across the Post Road from Qdoba, and the other a bit further up on the Post Road.

  7. Morley Boyd

    Plenty of available spaces in the upper lot during restaurant hours? Unless they’re going to be operating during the dead of night, that’s kind of a stretch. As a sidebar, given the vehicular festivities I’ve witnessed in that upper lot, I’m somewhat amazed by the absence of roadside memorials.

  8. Ivy Gosseen

    Hi Dan,

    Longtime reader, first time replier.

    For Qdoba, is that the space that was supposed to be Energy Kitchen awhile back?

    Also, Qdoba is good. They have one in Fairfield on Black Rock. They had a mini-chain in NYC where I work but they shut down all of their Manhattan locales in one fell swoop about a year or so ago.

    Here’s hoping this one lasts since Wepo doesn’t have a Chipoltle. I heard a rumor they were going to put one in near Trader Joe’s where Xocaca was. Do you know anything about this?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thanks, Ivy Gosseen

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    • I heard the Chipotle rumor too. Not sure. Meanwhile, there seems to be some action at the long-closed Westport House of Pancakes, next to 5 Guys. Anyone know anything about that?

      • Not to be confused with the International House of Pancakes, which seemed to be exactly the same shop (but different color roof).

        • jerrymacdaid

          I’m hoping IHOP comes back. Haven’t had a really good pancake in Fairfield County since they left. WHOP was OK, but not quite the same.

        • “Westport House of Pancakes” WAS an IHOP but something happened ( Dan, do you remember? Either franchise upped the fees or wouldn’t allow franchise owner to do something, so they reopened with the Westport name).

  9. Ann Marie Flynn

    So cool! Dan, much thanks for the historical run-down. Wish a Dairy Queen would find a spit close to,them.

  10. Ann Marie Flynn

    Oops….that word should be “spot close to them”……

  11. Gary Singer

    My two sons say, “Bring back the Crest!”. Actually, I miss the Dairy Queen.

  12. Loved the Crest!

  13. Mary Ruggiero

    “Chips” would really make a killing there! The parking would be atrocious.

  14. Marc L. Bailin

    Dan: You mean when Dinosaurs like US roamed Westport!!!

  15. Sandy Soennichsen

    I heard a rumor that the Shakeshack was moving to the old IHOP place to get more parking. Apparently where they are now they have to share the parking lot with two other businesses.

    • They also have to contend with customers and employees taking their lives in their hands as they dash across the Post Road from the larger lot by Walgreens.

    • jerrymacdaid

      I don’t recall there being a ton of excess parking at the old IHOP/WHOP. Maybe folks would park at Terrain and run across from there. 🙂

  16. Sandy Soennichsen

    If we’re talking about bringing back restaurants, my vote is for The Big Top. It didn’t get any better than that.

  17. Big Top was outstanding. So was Chubby Lane’s.

  18. Big Top was down our street (Roseville) and had THE best hamburgers anywhere. But since they left 25+ years ago I presume the owner isn’t around to resurrect this beloved grill. 🙁

  19. Marnie Masiello

    The Crest Drive In had the most delicious burgers, hot dogs and fries. I also remember it served everything in paper or red and white cardboard cartons. Not the plastic everything comes in today.

  20. Holly Wheeler

    Yeah, Big Top, Chubby’s and Crest (in that order). Ahhhhhhhh.