Papa John’s Comes To Westport

Well, sort of.

I got a semi-frantic email yesterday, from an alert and very concerned “06880” reader. She wrote:

I was having dinner with my parents and a couple of their friends.

We were moaning about the  beach and some of the plans for downtown. Anyway, one of them asked if I had seen a sign for Papa John’s coming to Main Street in the old Remarkable Book Shop (Talbots).

I haven’t been down to investigate. Frankly, I’m not sure I can handle it. It might put me over the edge again, like Dunkin Donuts in Saugatuck.

Wondering what you know or have seen.

“06800” is a full-service blog. So I headed downtown — braving the art show crowds — and I can report that, without a doubt, it definitely is true.

The sign — at the corner of Main Street and Parker Harding Plaza — can’t be any clearer:




20 responses to “Papa John’s Comes To Westport

  1. Hilarious!!

  2. It is not affiliated with the Pizza Chain. They have done construction in Fairfield also.
    They specialize in commercial and residential buildings, office space, medical facilities, retail and shopping centers, restaurants, and country clubs, APC also manages high-end residential projects on a selective basis.

  3. To be filed under “close, but no cigar.” Too bad you couldn’t save this story for April 1.

  4. They ARE a construction company. Not the pizza chain!

  5. James Graves

    Papa John is the construction company not the pizza parlor.

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  6. I am fearing that some of my readers are humor-impaired.


    Dan – Name of the construction company does not a fast food restaurant make! Perhaps Lee Papageorge at Oscar’s has some answers? Best, Wendy Kramer Posner

  8. Susan huppi

    Bring back remarkable bookstore…if only that could be!

  9. 🙂

  10. Sandy Soennichsen

    Papa john has been working at that building for weeks but the landlord is not saying if it has been leased or not , and if so, to whom. Rumor has it that it might be an upscale and exclusive men’s store.

  11. Michael Calise

    not only do we not have papa johns but we do not have good humor

  12. Gus Pappajohn is a good friend of mine. Nothing to fear from him.

  13. Sandy Soennichsen

    It better be a spectacular tenant, they have been doing so much work on it, both inside and out. Good place for just about anything. Guess it’s too much to ask that it be a satellite police office to keep an eye on the parking situation of some drivers, or so many U-Turns being done daily because those drivers have to have that other parking space. Silly me, and I thought a U-turn there on Main Street was illegal! Shows what I know.

  14. Jamie Walsh

    Given that we seem to have an entitlement problem is Westport….now humor impairment ! God help us all!

  15. My understanding is that the Michael Buffalowildwing Constuction LLC is going to be renovating the old Jasmine’s building near train station.

  16. Thanks, Dan. You got me going on this one!