Michele Bakes Her Last Westport Pies

Michele Stuart — owner of Michele’s Pies on the Post Road, across from the old post office — writes:

We are closing our Westport location this Sunday (July 20). We will relocate all of our business back to our original Norwalk location, and our Norwalk store will remain open. It is just 10 minutes from our Westport location.

We are excited about many new ventures. For example, we have been selling our pies on QVC. We also are excited about catering desserts for wedding, corporate events and private parties. Based on many requests, I will also do pie-making classes in the near future.

Michele Stuart, in her Westport store.

Michele Stuart, in her Westport store.

I have a young family, and I look forward to focusing on new opportunities that will allow me more family time. I thank Westport for all of their support over the last 3 years. Westport holds a close place in my heart, as I have lived here since I was 10. I am honored at the opportunity to have my store in this great town!

Come visit us in Norwalk (666 Main Avenue — Route 7 — near the Wilton line). We’re open Tuesday to Saturday (9 a.m.-6:30 p.m.) We will open on Sundays starting July 27 (10 a.m.-3 p.m.).

8 responses to “Michele Bakes Her Last Westport Pies

  1. Don Bergmann

    Question if any one knows. is Michelle leaving her present location because of the changes being made to the building in which she is located, in particular because rents will be goin up?

  2. Ok I am here waiting. Russell coming with is too.

    Karla Roof New email karlaroof1@gmail.com


  3. “If anyone knows?” Please!
    Why would that be anyone’s business other than Michelle’s – who happens to make a VERY good product and is making a personal business decision to scale back.
    Let’s wish a deserving person well and not get off on starting rumors to fill our days.
    If you really must you should go to her store and buy a pie.

  4. Mary T Rooney

    Michele, I wish you well and I for one will be in your Norwalk store often! It’s a short drive and well worth it! I can’t wait for pumpkin season!

  5. love that peanut butter dream pie! see you in norwalk.

  6. Denise Ewing


    Thank you for gracing that corner with sweet treats and a great smile for as long as you could! I’ve never tasted a Lemon Pie that even comes close to yours! And your savory pies are amazing too!

    Good Luck with all the new endeavors and Pie Making competitions. See you soon in Norwalk.

  7. Mary Ruggiero

    Knowing why businesses leave May help us retain more of them.

    Best of luck, Michelle!

  8. Robin Hammond

    Good luck Michelle and many thanks for ALL your generosity to our town! As busy as you are, you were never to busy to lend a hand…
    We were lucky to have you in Westport and hope you’ll come back in the future. See you in Norwalk.