Bear Down

I’ve never understood why a black bear stood for years outside the BP station on the Post Road, near South Maple.

Then again, I’ve never understood gas companies in general.

Yet this late night/early morning vandalism is hard to fathom:

BP bear

Word on the street is that surveillance cameras caught the toppling — and hand-chopping.

Surveillance helped one night in August 2007 too, when the bear was actually stolen by a guy who’d just bought cigarettes. According to WestportNow, he (the bear, not the vandal) stood 3 to 4 feet tall, weighed 75 to 100 pounds, and was valued at $600.

Moral to anyone else thinking of messing with BP: You can run, but you can’t hide.

From a bear, or a surveillance video.

(Hat tip to Elizabeth Beller)


13 responses to “Bear Down

  1. I think the real criminal activity here (and in 2007) are the prices charged by the station operators (it’s .30¢ cheaper just down the street).

  2. I agree with Matt, however…really…vandalizing in such a malicious way? I think they need to make the person replace it in kind and also pay for a mate! Place on route 7 makes chain saw bears….probably where this one comes from.

  3. Morley Boyd

    As Smokey topped off his Bronco, he took a call from Mrs. Smokey. Suddenly he remembered that talking on your cell phone while pumping gas is really uncool fire safety-wise. Too late. Only you…

  4. Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

    … can prevent Mrs. Smokey’s dinner going to waste?
    How I adore the Boydisms… they take my mind off of parking issues…
    – NHW (thinking black bears are not a common site, and now less so, in Fairfield County)

  5. Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

    Hmm. How is it that “tweetiejo” doesn’t have to provide a real name when I do? Should this clique need to notice such mishaps in its management?

    – Nancy Hunter Wilson

    • Nancy, can you cut me a break, please? I can’t monitor comments 24/7/365. I ask people to use real names when I get a chance. Jo Shields Dickison (tweetiejo) signs in with her WordPress account, and sometimes forgets to change it. I change it when I can. Please chill out.

      • Matt Murray

        You mean you aren’t fired (yet)?

      • Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

        Chill out? We’re in the midst of a heat wave here in western Canada, with forest fires burning, or about to burn, fires that would make Smokey weep.

        – Nancy Hunter Wilson (who has learned not to shoot the messenger)

        • jerrymacdaid

          Stop. Please. Just stop.

          – Jerry MacDaid (who hopes he knows when to stop)

          • Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

            Not living directly in Westport, but having an opinion, seems to be unseemly here.
            My comments are no different from the others.

            – Nancy Hunter Wilson

      • Not Hunter Wilson's Mother

        Dan, I realize now that my comment above may have been misunderstood.
        I was reacting to another recent post (one I didn’t have a chance to read because of time change?) by someone not giving their name, a comment that you deleted.
        Now I understand. Apologies to both you and Jo.
        – Nancy Hunter Wilson

  6. Matt Murray

    That’s it, Dan!!! You’re fired! 😀