Who Goes To The Beach On A Cloudy, Cool Sunday?

Sunday at the beach

7 responses to “Who Goes To The Beach On A Cloudy, Cool Sunday?

  1. Holly Wheeler

    Poop patrol.

  2. Carl Volckmann

    Also, at 8:30 AM a large AA group met near the pavilion, and at the other end of the beach, a large 5-congregation group met at the cannons for summer Sunday worship.

  3. Kathi Sherman

    Everyone else stayed home and argued whether it’s a beach or a park.

  4. What will it take to get the Town to stop wasting time and money on consultants and studies and do something about performing proper maintenance on the very real health issue that these geese represent? All day long we have beachgoers and Compo camp kids running around with goose feces under foot. It is a recipe for disease and we are lucky that no major health issues have yet to develop.

  5. Westport could easily get a permit to deal with the geese. I don’t think anyone in Town Hall wants to deal with the animal rights people.

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