A Crumbling Career

Who you gonna believe?

The sign encouraging you to apply for a job:

Crumbs 2

Or the one that says, don’t bother:

Crumbs 1

Who knows? Both signs are on the same door, at the downtown Crumbs store.

A quick check of the crumbs.com/careers website notes that there are 55 openings throughout the company.

Though none in Westport.

It also says — somewhat prophetically –“Start your ‘crumby’ career here!”

(Hat tip to Maxine Bleiweis)

2 responses to “A Crumbling Career

  1. Edward Gerber


    Are you going to do a segment regarding the Wright Compo Beach etching from the 1920s ? The post cards of it are available for sale at the WHS ! Thanks Ed

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