Shower The People

After the cannons, the brick showers might be the 2nd most iconic Compo Beach scene.

Generations of people of all ages have rinsed off there. Generations of little kids have played in the mud. Generations of photographers have taken photos of generations of shower-users.

Larry Silver’s 1980 shot is one of the best:

(Photo/Larry Silver, courtesy of Bruce Silverstein Gallery)

(Photo/Larry Silver, courtesy of Bruce Silverstein Gallery)

It’s one of over 50 prints included in “Larry Silver/Westport Visions,” a Westport Historical Society retrospective of his 40-year career that opens next month.

There will be plenty of publicity about this great show.

But today let’s just honor this great, often-overlooked, seldom-remarked-on piece of the beach we love so much.

If you’ve got any Compo shower memories, click “Comments.”

And if you’re new to town: What are you waiting for? Head on down, and enjoy this true Westport gem.


3 responses to “Shower The People

  1. Kathie Bennewitz

    The show opens July 24! There may see people you know too that he caught at the beach or at Longshore Its been great to go through Larry’s prints, and I think it will offer longtime residents, those new to town, along with summer visitors an opportunity to pause and reflect upon our ever-evolving town, to find places still familiar and those lost.

  2. Rindy Higgins

    My kids refused to go in there, thinking wild animals lived in those ‘caves’!

  3. Loretta Santella Hallock

    Great memories. I love this picture. Wonderful that I still walk by there every day. . Let’s improve what needs to be improved,but listen to the voice of the people!! Keep the parking the way it is.!!