Westport As You’ve Never Seen It Before

If you liked Melissa Beretta’s tribute to Westport this morning, you’ll love this next homage.

Taken from a drone a month ago, the video soars at just the right height. From Saugatuck Shores to Longshore and Compo, past Schlaet’s Point and over to Old Mill, before heading west back over the beach and Owenoke, it’s the best 6 minutes you’ll ever spend.

We all have a “mental map” of Westport in our heads. This gives you a totally new perspective on this amazingly beautiful town.

(Click the “YouTube” logo in the video above for a larger view. Try this link if your browser does not take you directly to YouTube. Hat tip to Jeff Reilly for spotting this video — which at the time of this posting had only 133 views.)

7 responses to “Westport As You’ve Never Seen It Before

  1. Pat Pontoriero

    Wait isn’t this the same drone that was seen by that woman in her apartment? 😄

  2. Gary Singer

    This is a smashing video, Dan. But everyone should open several more,
    running down the right edge of the screen. One, shows Compo and Longshore up close. And even one with an interview with Paul and Joanne.
    Viewers should be sure to watch any of them full screen.

  3. Nice Dan – and it’s Schlaet’s, right? Not Schalet…as in Gene…

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  4. Ellen Meehan

    That was awesome! We live in such a beautiful area! Thanks for sharing this video!!

  5. Lawrence Zlatkin

    This is truly awesome. Thank you DBSailor7 for the beach video and for the other Westport videos on your YouTube site. Happy droning and sharing!

  6. William Adler

    Love it – thanks for posting. A whole new look at Saugatuck Island, where we live!