Remembering Chris Hoffmann

Chris Hoffmann — a 2004 Staples graduate, active member of the Air Force Reserves and a Watchung, New Jersey police officer — was killed on Saturday in a motorcycle accident in that state. He was cut off by an unlicensed driver, in an unregistered car. Chris was 5 days short of his 29th birthday.

His family and many friends are devastated. His sister, Alexis Green, says, “the world has stood still.”

Christopher Hoffmann: proud police officer, family member and all-around great guy.

The many faces of Christopher Hoffmann.

Before joining the Watchung force, Chris was a special officer in Seaside Heights, and an aircraft mechanic at McGuire Air Force Base.

“My brother was finally at the point in his life where he had achieved everything he wanted,” Alexis says. “He had his dream job, and was looking into buying land to build a home. He was an amazing uncle and godfather to my 2 children. My heart aches for my brother. I would do anything to have him back.”

Vanessa Woolard — who attended Staples with Chris, and worked with him for 5 years at Swanky Frank’s — calls him “beyond an amazing person. He had a heart of gold. On the worst days at work, Chris had the ability to brighten anyone’s mood.

“I have silly memories, like trying to fry anything we could get our hands on — avocado, ketchup…  But Chris would always stay late to help me clean, and never got mad if I messed up an order. His compassionate and genuine nature were something the world will not be the same without.”

“Chris was an all-around nice guy,” adds Staples graduate Stephanie Halka.

“He was the type of friend that’s hard to find. Chris and my brother had a crew of 8, and a bond that can never be broken.”

(A Facebook page in his memory is titled “Justice for Officer Chris Hoffmann.” To leave an online condolence note, click on 

Uncle and godfather Christopher Hoffmann, with Edmund Lloyd Green IV.

Uncle and godfather Christopher Hoffmann, with Edmund Lloyd Green IV.


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