Dewey Loselle’s New Post: Town Operations Director

First Selectman Jim Marpe has named Dewey Loselle to the new position of operations director for the town of Westport. Loselle’s current post in the Marpe administration is chair of the Downtown Steering Committee.

Dewey Loselle

Dewey Loselle

A bipartisan search committee made the recommendation.The group was led by Pete Wolgast, former executive assistant to First Selectman Doug Wood. Wolgast said, “the high quality of applicants for this opening was amazing. As it turned out, Dewey has all of the experience and ability to be an outstanding success in his new role. I am certain that he will be a huge benefit to the First Selectman in his goal of improving the operations of Westport’s town government.”

Search committee member and former Board of Education chair Don O’Day added, “I was very impressed with all of the candidates and the decision on whom to recommend was not easy … We chose Dewey based on his very impressive resume, his considerable knowledge of Westport’s governing structure, and his recent work leading the Downtown Steering Committee. He has shown he can get things done while reaching out to as many people as possible.”

Loselle has over 30 years of experience in local and state government, including division chief for the New York City comptroller evaluating programs and agencies, NYC assistant commissioner for budget and finance in NYC, a government consulting principal/partner, and on the Westport RTM. He has conducted over 100 consulting engagements with state and local governments helping improve performance and functionality.

Loselle has served as a consultant for the state of Connecticut, and municipalities such as Greenwich and Stamford.  He was a member of Governor William O’Neill’s Thomas Commission, which studied ways to make state government more effective and efficient.

Loselle’s educational background includes a BA in government (magna cum laude) from Boston University, and a masters in public administration from New York University (with concentrations in public policy and finance).

12 responses to “Dewey Loselle’s New Post: Town Operations Director

  1. don bergmann

    I have come to know and work with Dewey over the past several years. I also know that some will question the selection. I believe the selection of Dewey is an excellent one. I also note two additional aspects. First, I would like the Town to amend its Charter to provide for a full time, “permanent” town manager. Second, Dewey’s selection does not address what will happen as time passes, for example as Administration’s change. Both flow from this first step. Quite possibly, our Town’s support for a full time, “permanent” Town Manager will be affected by the success of Dewey in his new position. Let me also add that with Dewey the Town is getting someone who will work very hard.
    Don Bergmann

  2. John F. Suggs

    This is an excellent choice! Dewey and I were co-authors of the RTM’s Code Of Ethics and served together in District 5. Having worked so closely with him over the years on a number of challenging community issues, I can attest that I have the utmost respect for his integrity, professionalism, and commitment to our Town. Westport will continue to be well served by Dewey Loselle in this important position. Congrats Dewey. Well done Jim!

    John F. Suggs
    RTM District 5

  3. Stephanie Bass

    I do not know this gentleman. But may I suggest that we give him some time and some room before we start the fun game of bashing anyone who steps up to the plate?

  4. Stephen Rubin

    Congrats Dewey and the best of luck to you. I know you will do a great job.

  5. Bart Shuldman

    Great choice. Congrats Dewey. And congrats to Jim Marpe who saw the opportunity to improve our town and made the decision to push this forward. And now his choice shows his leadership skills. Great great news!!!!

  6. Cathy Walsh

    Congratulations Dewey, you are the right person for this job.


    Generous, intelligent, kind, loyal, honest, sincere, hard working and FUNNY …..all words one tends to use when talking about Dewey Loselle….he was a wonderful friend to Gavin, and he has been a rock for me….always in touch, always offering to help out, surrogate grandfather to Gavin’s oldest grandson…I am so happy for you, dear friend, and thrilled for the town. This is a match made in heaven! …..( Heaven…….Hmmmmmmmmm )

  8. Werner Liepolt

    I am glad to add my wishes for a successful start.

  9. Congratulations Dewey! I know that you will be even handed and a terrific choice for the job!

  10. Michael Calise

    Congratulations Dewey!

  11. Fantastic! Congratulations Dewey!