Westport Art, All About Town

Bad weather postponed last week’s annual Art About Town celebration.

Last night, the weather was perfect. Thousands of Westporters of all ages — including many, many kids — romped as Main Street was transformed into an art-, entertainment- and fun-filled pedestrian mall.

The street party kicked off an exhibition of art in stores throughout downtown. Art About Town is sponsored by the Westport Downtown Merchants Association.

John Videler captured these great images:

Art About Town - by John Videler

Art About Town 2 - by John Videler

Art About Town - by John Videler


Dan and Nicole Donovan

Claveloux family

4 responses to “Westport Art, All About Town

  1. Tracy Flood

    Beautiful photos!!!

  2. Jeff Giannone

    Tunnel Bision was a great event but I am confused, have we renamed the Arcade “The Tunnel”?

  3. Heidi McGee

    Those last couple of pictures….I’m having flashbacks to SHS Men’s Soccer ’82-83…..