Stay Off The Roads — And Rails

A stuck bridge near South Norwalk disrupted Metro-North train traffic this morning.

As commuters took to their cars, I-95 jammed up.

Which spilled onto local roads. Here was the scene, from one end of the Post Road to the other:

Post  Road 1

Post Road 2

Post Road 3

And — thanks to GPS — side streets were pretty bad too.

Just another day in paradise.


9 responses to “Stay Off The Roads — And Rails

  1. Ilene Mirkine

    Today it was a stuck bridge in SoNo….it’s always something though these days. It seems that the Post Road rush hour traffic has been getting heavier and heavier. The 95 construction at Exit 14 is likely a part of the cause…anything else?

  2. I read that the WALK BRIDGE in question was stuck in an open position. The bridge, BTW, was built in 1896…oh, my…

  3. Dick Lowenstein

    As of 9AM, the bridge is unstuck.

  4. Jaclyn Jeffrey

    I must be getting jaded… my first thought upon seeing the photos was that Starbucks’ customers had reached a new low and had taken to parking their cars on Post Road;)

  5. Jack Backiel

    Dan, I remember the Post Road before I-95 was built back in the mid 1950s and in some places, the road was crowned and 18 wheelers used to slide off the Post Rd during ice storms. The traffic back then was always congested. Events at Yale University would bring loads of traffic right through Westport and add to the already heavy Post Road traffic.

  6. Ed Stalling

    If alien from a far off, advanced society landed and saw our inefficient system for transporting many individual 170-pound beings, they would be certainly be amused. Looking at your photos from afar, I can’t imagine the opportunity cost of all that talent sitting in their cars.