Montage Makes A Move

Montage — the 3-year-old, quirkily funky antique-and-artwork store on the Post Road and Turkey Hill South — has gotten very successful, very quickly.

In fact, it’s so busy it’s leaving town.

With its internet business taking off, the Westport location is no longer big enough. So owners Tom Roth and Robin Babbin are heading just over the Norwalk border.

On June 1, they’ll move into 5,000 square feet on Lois Street (off Westport Avenue, by McDonald’s), next to Westport-owned Sugar & Olives restaurant.

Montage will use one part of the building as a showroom, with constantly changing art. The other part will be filled with new items, as-yet-unrestored pieces, and knickknacks that for whatever reason can’t make it out onto the floor.

And because no one likes to move a lot of stuff, Montage is offering 20 to 50% off all Westport inventory, through the end of May.


Montage, in Westport. The name is a combination of "MOdern" and "viNTAGE."

Montage, in Westport. The name is a combination of “MOdern” and “viNTAGE.”

4 responses to “Montage Makes A Move

  1. Ilene Mirkine

    Congratulations Robin and Tom – ‘cant wait to see your new space!

  2. Bart Shuldman

    I wonder if anyone else found this story relevant to the issue we have we the P&Z regulating size of stores in town–more appropriately called–‘we want more mom and pops in town’. Here is a so called independent store who became succesful and needed larger space and moved out of Westport.

    Now I know the new size of their store is only 5,000 feet, but it should us all that independent stores once they grow could need more space and could be forced to move somewhere else. Trying to regulate more independent stores in Westport by size of store, thinking the use of regulation to the size of store, can actually hurt attracting such type of store to Westport.

    May we learn something from this.

  3. We are sorry to leave Westport but we are nearby just over the line in Norwalk. Thank you Westport for shopping with us. We hope to see you all soon! And thank you Dan, for helping to promote small businesses like ours.
    I am one of your biggest fans. Westport is lucky to have you! Your blog makes our town even better in that we can all celebrate events and people we may have never known about.

  4. Carolanne Curry

    Wow Nice plug

    Carolanne 203-227-3573