One Stupid Parking Trick Not Yet Seen At Starbucks

Saving parking spot

Let’s hope this is an isolated instance, and not the start of a new trend.

19 responses to “One Stupid Parking Trick Not Yet Seen At Starbucks

  1. Jamie Walsh

    I can promise one thing, if I was looking for a parking spot, I would move that beach chair to the actual beach where it belongs! I also know that there are others that would drive over it to make their position known.

  2. Evan Stein

    Ditto to Jamie. shouldn’t work in a million years. That’s a difficult way to save a spot EVEN IF YOU’RE SITTING IN IT.

  3. Tom Feeley

    OMG, not even a Tommy Bahama!

    Can’t save a spot with an el cheapo like that.

  4. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    This is better than the Comedy Channel.
    I love how Dan fishes for these remarks.

    Sure, Westport’s ongoing parking problems are cute and fun… Ha Ha

    How much attention is payed to solving America’s gun problem?
    It’s your Memorial Day weekend, and the news tells me that the 2nd Amendment rules.

  5. Michael Calise

    Probably belongs to a member of the Compo Beach Site Improvement Committee

  6. gwen baker

    Actually, that chair belongs to the car-owner who parked their car in the middle of the driveway at Starbucks.

  7. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Sure enough, Stupidity rules (“stupid” being your word, Dan).
    Waiting for more of the same.
    Now, that’s a problem.

    • Bart Shuldman

      Nancy. How do you just go away? Sorry, had to finally say it.

      • Nancy Hunter Wilson

        Sorry, Bart, but this is my comic relief. Seriously.

        • jerrymacdaid

          Nancy – I say this with the utmost respect – your comments would be more impactful if more circumspect.

      • jerrymacdaid

        Bart – Thank you.

        Nancy – I find many of your comments interesting and insightful. But not all of them. Please do not feel obliged to make inane comments on everything.

        • Nancy Hunter Wilson

          Yes Jerry, everyone hears day to day comments that are interesting, insightful and silly. So, everyone can choose to ignore comments that are silly, insightful or interesting.
          I have no problem if you ignore me, as I ignore you.

          So, to ask in a circumspect way, How are the newly planted trees doing?
          Wish I was there. Seriously.

  8. That space is designated by law as a parking area, not a picnic’s simple as that!

  9. Mara Barth

    Guy must be from Chicago, but to earn the right of holding your spot with a lawn chair one must first dig it out of a snow bank. No snow at Compo right now, so I’m just leaning towards obnoxious on the one.

  10. that chair would be right at home directly underneath my car

  11. Sandy Soennichsen

    OK, OK….I fess up. That is really my chair! But come on, I only put that there to save a spot for the 4th of July.

  12. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Today I wake up to a double standard, comments that I would deem funny, but Bart and jerry would say are “inane”.
    Fine. I shall bow out of this clique and catch up on my serious reading.
    What’s that I hear from 3000 miles away? Cheering?

    Best of luck with your “stupid” parking issues.

  13. Diana Bell

    I was one of the people who thought they had found a highly convenient parking spot only to be thwarted by that ………. chair. I wasn’t going to risk a confrontation which would spoil a lovely holiday so I drove on but I do admit to a feeling of outrage.