Memorial Day 2014: We Remember

Memorial Day

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  1. Dan, thank you for posting this dignified, a-picture-tells-a-thousand-words blog evoking your readers to stop and ponder WHAT we are ‘celebrating’ (commemorating) on this day. I’ve seen mattress sale ads and beach chair photos, heard barbecue commercials and of course, cars are such a deal right now…

    I wonder how many of us really stop and think of what we’re doing. For just a few moments flip on the History (H2) Channel or walk through a cemetery or open a history book and we may get a glimpse of what’s really going on here.

    Young, (and I mean some of them really young) men (and women) who never came back home to their families have made it possible for us to be who we are today; to play (or watch) baseball all day long or to drive our Porches to the beach or to enjoy Happy Hour with friends. They would have given their eye-teeth to be able to do that, too, but instead, they gave even more: paying the ultimate price for our freedom, and our lifestyles which we cherish today.

    Please, just take a moment and, as they say, “remember.” Say a prayer for them, light a candle, teach your children what today’s all about: not only the beginning of the summer season but also a day when we promise to ‘never forget’ the gifts of bravery that others, maybe even in our own families, have provided us all.

    • THANKS, Susan — you nailed it (as usual). I was so moved last night by the Memorial Day concert in Washington, on PBS. The stories of veterans (and their families) were awe-inspiring, as was the tribute to D-Day (with 12 veterans on stage). It’s on Cablevision Channel 10 tonight at 9 p.m. Definitely worth watching!

  2. Charles Halper


    A prominent member of the West Point football team 1954 (Captain) died early this morning in Westport. His name is Robert Farris and you can read about him on the website . While captain, he got a detached retina, became blind in one eye, didn’t tell anyone and played the game. After surgery he never played football again, although he was still captain of the team.

    He and his wife Linda bought a house here 44 years ago.

    Perhaps you might want to do a feature on him, but right now his wife is quite distraught.

    Roe Halper

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    This is a truly beautiful photograph!!

  4. armelle daniels

    I remember… I remember when I was a little girl, growing up in France, hearing about how I was free thanks to the Americans who freed us from evil. I remember grandparents and elders telling horrific stories of WW2, and describing the hope that hit our country on D day. Thank you to all the veterans, active service men and women, and to those who sacrificed their lives for freedom; the world is a better place thanks to you.