Staples Music Program Doesn’t Miss A Beat

In just 2 years, Luke Rosenberg has taken his place with the legendary Staples High School choral directors George Weigle and Alice Lipson.

On a scale of 1-10, last night’s spring concert was at least an 11. A variety of choirs, choruses and ensembles wowed the crowd with a host of Broadway songs, from Les Mis, Fiddler on the Roof and many others.

The love between dozens of performers and their director was evident, as Rosenberg grew emotional honoring his graduating seniors.

To see what he has done in his brief time wielding the baton, check the 2 videos below.

The 1st is “Tap-Tap,” a Haitian song with some of the most intricate rhythms and harmonies you’ll find anywhere on the planet. It’s performed by the Orphenians — the elite singing group that, because of today’s manic teenage schedules, manages to rehearse just once a week.

The 2nd is “Seasons of Love,” the haunting melody from Rent performed by the underclass chorus and chorale. Soloists are Kate Griffin — a freshman who stuns the audience — and sophomore Nick Ribolla.

Music is just one of the many things our high school students do. And they do it very, very well.

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  2. Did someone record the entire performance? My video stopped halfway through! 🙁
    What an amazing evening of music!!

  3. Scott E. Brodie

    Wonderful! But hectic schedules for Westport teen-agers are nothing new — in the late 1960s, the Orphs rehearsed but once a week.

  4. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Don’t forget John Ohanian in your line up of legendary choir directors. He produced excellent choirs (there was only one at that time) and concert programs with none of the advantages available now. I couldn’t wait to get to Staples to audition for the choir, which had its practice room in the old Horace Staples building. Mr. Ohanian had us singing complicated atonal pieces, the more difficult the better as far as we were concerned. We had no stage – no facilites at all – but that didn’t stop us from putting on half-way musicals on the BJH stage with as much drama as we could muster. A live motor cycle drove on stage for one production, we had home made costumes and make up (Mariette Hartley and I did a hula duo in grass skirts and not much more for South Pacific). We recorded for Radio Free Europe in NYC, performed for local civic programs, had candle light concerts, talented soloists and won every competition we entered. The excellent music program here has been going on for a very long time and I am thrilled when I hear the concerts today. I think of John Ohanian every time.

  5. Bonnie Scott Connolly

    That was awesome! I really enjoyed listening to both numbers.

  6. Tracy Texter

    I would love to take credit for “discovering” Luke Rosenberg, when he was a high school junior. I was chaperoning a band trip, and spent some time talking with him. I didn’t hear him sing, but I sensed that music, and especially singing, was his passion. I invited him to audition for an adult chorus I was part of, and he impressed the heck out of our (usually) hard-to-impress director. What impresses ME the most about Luke is the fact that he chose to TEACH! Way to use your gift, Luke!!