Deserted Island: The Sequel

I don’t usually draw attention to comments posted on “0688o” stories. If people want to read ’em, they do. If not, no problem.

But readers who didn’t follow the comments for “Deserted Island” — last weekend’s piece about the traffic island near Exit 42, now that its clean-up sponsor, Daybreak Nurseries, has closed — missed some great news. It’s worth telling, in a story of its own.

Shortly after the post appeared, alert “06880” reader Brad French commented:

No problem. I’ll have my crew mow it. I saw [former Daybreak owner] Dave Harding on Redding Road with the new SchoolHouse Nurseries! I’ll check and see if he is going to continue maintaining the garden. Looks like spring is finally here.

Almost immediately, fellow alert reader Tom Kashetta added:

Brad, if you mow it, I’ll have my tree crew go in and prune all the ornamental trees and shrubs at the proper time. If there are any insect problems we will also take care of that. I’m sure David will send his workers over to weed and edge the gardens. I stopped by his new nursery yesterday on Redding Road and was very impressed with what he has done there. The plant material is beautiful. I wish him the best of luck. 

By yesterday afternoon — 2 days after the “06880” story — the island had been mowed (and all the signs put back in place).

Both Brad and Tom are longtime Westporters. Growing up here, they learned 2 important lessons:

How to love their town.

And how important it is to give back to it.

The traffic island at the Weston Road/Easton Road/Main Street intersection will soon look a lot less shabby, thanks to Brad French and Tom Kashetta.

The traffic island at the Weston Road/Easton Road/Main Street intersection will soon look a lot less shabby, thanks to Brad French and Tom Kashetta.

13 responses to “Deserted Island: The Sequel

  1. Noticed it yesterday. Hats off to Brad and Tom – but also to you, Dan. Without your story, it would not have happened. Now if you could only write about turning left onto Clinton Ave from Main Street BEHIND the oncoming drivers you would have really solved a problem.

  2. Mary Maynard

    Really warm greetings to Tom Kashetta. Mary Maynard, Greens Farm’s 4th grade trip to Mystic. I always knew you were a good guy.

  3. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Thank you Brad and Tom. Don’t think I know Brad but have known for years what a good guy and skilled arborist Tom is!

  4. Maureen O'Driscoll

    Tom and Brad are examples of stepping up without being asked, admire them both for what they did! And you too Dan, are a gem 🙂

  5. Morley Boyd

    Thanks for this, Dan. Nice resolution. Hopefully whoever it is at the town who should have been paying attention to the situation – and plainly wasn’t – now has a, um, renewed sense of situational awareness. Also, while I 100% agree with your conclusion, I would suggest that the two men who so kindly and thoughtfully stepped forward are simply “giving”. Although I know the phrase “giving back” is often used today, to my ear sounds it can often sound as though the giver might have previously been a felonious “taker”- and has something to make up for. Almost by definition, anyone who is a taxpayer in this town should be considered to be in the positive column.

  6. Kathy Davis-Groener

    As Chairman of the Westport Beautification Committee I would like to assure you that long before this post appeared we were working on this issue and a plan is currently in place and waiting for approval. The “island” is owned by the State and we need to follow different guidelines than if it were owned by the town. I would like to thank Brad and Tom for helping out, it is greatly appreciated!

  7. Karen E Wambach


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  8. Taylor, Charlie

    The Westport I have always known. Refreshing!


    Charles Taylor
    Director of Major Gifts
    Vanderbilt University
    School of Engineering
    Mailing address:
    PMB 401531
    Nashville, TN 37240-1531

  9. Morley Boyd

    Thanks for clarifying the situation, the Beautification Committee does great work- especially along the Post Road. Just out of mild curiousity, has your committe entertained any disussion about the rather sad situation at the intersection of the Post Road and Myrtle Avenue? As one of the primary gateways to the downtown area it would seem to warrant attention.

    • Kathy Davis-Groener

      We are in the process of identifying areas around town that could become Adopt a Spots. Post Rd/Myrtle Ave is on the list and if approved will be put up for adoption asap.

  10. Audrey Doniger

    lLike Mary Maynard,i too knew T.K. from way back when–he was and is the great guy “to go to” –if anyone remembers hurricane “Gloria” it was a doozie –an enormous tree was uprooted and landed on my roof virtually splitting the house in 2–Tom was there in 5 minutes and took over–he was and is one of my “boys”.–he’s the best

  11. Morley Boyd

    Oh no, Kathy, please don’t “adopt” the Myrtle/Post Road intersection. I realize it is a well intentioned idea, but in practice it is usually just means moving the ball from scruffy to campy; thoughtless or clumsy design, cheap, common plants from Home Depot, artifically dyed mulch and, of course, yet another sign. That’s what gas stations do. I was hoping, mainly, that the area could simply be maintained – removing the invasive trees and weeds, etc. seemed like a reasonable place to start for this gateway viewshed area. Instead of responding with more, could we just start with some editing?