Michael Barrett’s “Shoshana”

Authors are always told: “Write what you know.”

So why does Michael Barrett‘s 1st novel involve neo-Nazis protecting a Treblinka guard, now resettled in the US; a beautiful Mossad agent, and a professor named Morris?

Because — in one way or another — they’re all part of Barrett’s very intriguing life.

Michael Barrett (right) and friend.

Michael Barrett (right) and friend.

After graduating from Fairfield University as an English major, he spent 23 years with the Westport Police Department. He served as a detective, worked on the auto theft task force, and was a sketch artist who helped colleagues around the state nab rape and homicide suspects.

Barrett retired in 2000. He now owns a security firm, and consults with businesses like Mitchells. He also paints portraits, and plays jazz sax and flute.

The ex-cop was a longtime friend of the late Fairfield philosophy professor Morris Grossman. Barrett has always been interested in the Holocaust, and — though he’s not Jewish — he learned a lot of Jewish history from Grossman.

Including Treblinka. The detective spent years researching that Nazi extermination camp.

ShoshanaHis debut novel is Shoshana. Its intricate plot includes — in addition to “Morris” and Treblinka — a cop named Artie. He’s an accomplished portrait painter, who becomes a police composite artist.

The book is set in “Westcove,” Connecticut. Clearly, Michael Barrett has written about what he knows.

The book jacket says, “Artie confronts issues of morality, revenge, and the meaning of Jewish suffering through the ages.”

Just another day in the life of an ex-Westport cop.

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2 responses to “Michael Barrett’s “Shoshana”

  1. Sandra Calise

    Wow Michael!
    Thanks Dan – Michael is a great guy and I can’t wait to read his book! Michael used to come in Calise’s when he was a detective and I used to try to get him to tell me about the deep,dark crimes that were happening in Westport at the time ( especially when there was the murder in Westport behind the Merritt Superette). I was always SO intrigued and I would picture him involved in some covert Op . He wouldn’t give me much scoop about crime in Westport but he would always tell me about something new he had accomplished . I was in such awe! I was intrigued then and still am! I’m looking forward to reading Westcove . To Michael: I know you are out there somewhere ( probably working on something new to add to your great list of accomplishments) I am very happy for you and the new “chapter” in your life! Stop in and say hi soon!