Out With The Old…

Alert reader JP Vellotti was driving by Town Hall today, and saw this sight:

Town Hall cherry tree planting

The towering apple tree at the base of the hill is gone.

It’s been replaced by a new line of cherry trees.

The view will be different.

Like everything else in Westport, we’ll get used to it.

Some will love it. Some won’t.

And one day — years from now — those trees too will be gone.



14 responses to “Out With The Old…

  1. What you’re saying, Dan, is a paraphrase of Ecclesiastes (or maybe from Pete Seeger or even the Byrds): “To everything there is a season”

  2. Stephanie Bass

    …so we’re discussing every tree in Westport that gets chopped down because…..

  3. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    A row of cherry trees will be nice. Patience, though. The third year’s the charm.

  4. Debbie Wilson Hoult

    From over here near London where I live, I thought that Staples had moved…..

  5. William Adler

    Apple trees can live a long time – I wonder if I stared at that tree from my classroom window when the building was Bedford Elementary. Certainly I wasn’t looking at my teachers. I recall daydreaming and looking out that window year after year (if I wasn’t looking at girls). Still, it’s nice that the Town planted something new to replace the tree, and we got three for one!

  6. Alison Fisher

    Funny to see the STAPLES truck in front of the old STAPLES High School…that made me smile.

  7. Yeah, except this is not the old Staples High School. This is the old Bedford Elementary School. The old Staples was on Riverside Avenue. Sorry!

    • Jack Whittle

      The old Staples IS on Riverside, now serving as an elementary school. The even older, original Staples was on Riverside, alongside the current building, but was torn down in the 50s (?)

  8. As Chet and Steve began to plant the cherry trees, they each privately wondered about the wisdom of Staples venturing into the landscape business. Still, it beat stocking shelves.

  9. Nothing like a little existential dread to start the morning!