The Art Studio Flings Open Its Doors

For 364 days a year, Helen Werngren’s art studio is open to the public by appointment only.

On 1 day, she welcomes everyone.

That day this year is Friday, April 25 (noon-8 p.m.). It’s well worth noting.

Helen Werngren

Helen Werngren

The studio — called (why not?) “The Art Studio” — is a loft at 170 Post Road West (next to Peachwave). Helen opened it in 2008, fulfilling a longtime vision of a creative community centered on a collaborative studio space. She even had an old enamel sign — “Entree des Artistes” — she’d bought years ago in Paris, hoping some day to use it.

Today The Art Studio thrives. It’s filled with paintings, prints and mixed media works. Eight talented artists (including Helen) work on their own schedule — and find community — there.

Helen’s sense of community reaches beyond the studio walls. She and her husband David Ross — a native Westporter — support Neighborhood Studios of Fairfield County. Part of the proceeds of their art sales help send Bridgeport youngsters to summer camps and after-school programs.

Helen’s once-a-year openings are true events. Perhaps she should think of changing the name from the generic “The Art Studio” to something a bit more colorful.

Like “Brigadoon.”

The Art Studio.

The Art Studio (obviously), 170 Post Road West.




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  1. Dan, Do you have an email address for Helen Werngren? I’d like to drop her a note and can’t find an address on line. Eric

  2. Helen Werngren