Finally, A Parking Job At Fresh Market We Can All Enjoy

(Photo/Ellen Meehan Jent)

(Photo/Ellen Meehan Jent)

19 responses to “Finally, A Parking Job At Fresh Market We Can All Enjoy

  1. Sally Campbell Palmer

    Great! Do we know what it is? Probably a hawk of some sort. Have to get out the binoculars…

  2. An entitled hawk, no doubt.

  3. An entitled New York hawk, plainly. At least he or she is between the lines…

  4. Dan Lasley (Laz)

    That would be an osprey! A bit far from open water, but very cool. Noisy and smelly too – don’t park under that nest.

  5. Joyce Barnhart

    Aka “Fish hawks” ospreys were among the birds very seriously affected by DDT years ago. Their shells were weakened by the pesticide and were very fragile. They would crack, and, of course, the chicks would never hatch. They’ve made a wonderful recovery and are now much more common again in communities around Long Island Sound. There’s a nest out in the Mill Pond, too, visible from the park at the former site of Allen’s and from Sherwood Island State Park. Dan’s advice is good – don’t park under that nest. Those birds are very big and they eat fish; the results are worse even than gull “stuff”.

  6. Even the Osprey get nudged around Westport… Waterfront property is expensive these days!

  7. Someone told me once about an osprey nest right on the Post Road in Milford, too. Maybe these are the offspring! You know, ‘if it was good enough for us, it;ll be good enough for our kids.’

  8. Mary Ann West

    Maybe an offspring of Sherwood Island’s Will & Kate Osprey? They recently returned to their nest for their forth year and hopefully will fledge two or three new Westport born residents.

    Here is the Osprey cam, part of the Friends’ of Sherwood Island contribution to the Nature Center.
    It looks a little blurry this morning 🙁

  9. There was recently an Osprey nest atop the big communications tower by the Westport police station. The chief’s reserved parking spot is at the base of it. Evidently the torrent of fish guts and, um, other stuff, raining down on his car from above was not greeted with enthusiasm. Weird.

    • LOL, Mr. Boyd (if that really is your name). You deftly managed to steer this back to parking.

  10. Wendy Crowther

    This osprey may have once nested (or been fledged from) nests located on the tall communication tower at the Central Firehouse next door. I’ve seen a few nests atop it over the years and have seen birds (not sure if they were ospreys or hawks) coming in for landings. I’ve always wondered about the fate of those nests because eventually they’ve disappeared – I suspect they may have been “removed” by tower personnel. The above bird has selected a lower altitude view but perhaps a safer haven (I hope).

  11. Andy, just couldn’t resist tweaking a few beaks…hopefully no feathers were ruffled. Oh, and yes, it’s my name. At least that’s what my parents said.

  12. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Any Bald Eagles near by? If so, the Osprey is a formidable aggressor. Ospreys are beautiful creatures (I recently found a feather). Wondering why the nest is far from the shore? Is Fresh Market a little too fresh?

  13. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    p.s. Does this osprey go by the name “George”?

  14. The nest is not really that far from the Saugatuck River – which is subject to tidal action in the downtown area; if that pole was just a bit taller the osprey would have direct sight line on said river. The osprey pair that nested in the pole above the police chief’s car were totally into whole river scene as well. Last I heard they were lobbying for more residential housing in the downtown area.

  15. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Perhaps the eagle hovering is Stephen Colbert?

  16. Andy, no offense taken whatsoever and I love the reference to Dr. Strangelove – perhaps the mostly darkly humorous movie ever made. Purity of essence, baby.