But Wait! There’s More!

As noted yesterday morning, I’ve set a pretty high bar for photos of poor/ entitled/passive-aggressive parking. To make “06880” these days, you’ve got to be spectacularly arrogant.

This one sees that challenge, and doubles it.

Last Friday, an alert reader came out of Fresh Market. She saw a white Audi, parked in a handicapped spot. (Okay, “parked” may be the wrong word.)

Fresh Market - 1

As she took a picture of that hard-to-believe sight, a black Mercedes pulled into the other handicapped -spot, and parked like this. You can’t make this stuff up.

Fresh Market - 2

In the glass-half-full department, handicapped placards did hang from both rear view mirrors.

Though if this is the way they park, neither driver should be allowed on the road.


36 responses to “But Wait! There’s More!

  1. No one should complain about New Yorkers. And the town should put up signs for The Entitled.

  2. Jaclyn Jeffrey

    Stunning display of arrogance and entitlement. Why even at the Starbucks, near the Sherwood Diner, where displays of arrogance and entitlement are a daily event… the handicapped spot is off-limits while all else is fair game. At Starbucks, if the only available space is the handicapped space, people will (and do) leave their car in the middle of the parking lot before parking there.

  3. I think we can all guess at their handicap.

  4. If only a Beemer filled the gap in the middle — that would be an Entitlement Trifecta IMO.

  5. Do the Westporf Police get 06880? They should. The license plate is clear on the Audi, and “readable” on the Benz.

  6. Carry sidewalk chalk and circle the car and leave a note on the ground near the drivers door… something respectful like ‘HEY ASSWIPE LEARN HOW TO PARK’

  7. “Parallel Parking’ for people who obviously live in a ‘horizontal world’.

  8. Johanna Rossi

    How do you punish “entitled” people who park in handicap spots? Obviously these drivers don’t care if they are fined $150. I feel the judge should slap 3-5 hours of community service to local organizations with persons with disabilities. Make them pay with their time. Maybe they will finally understand why these parking spaces are reserved.

  9. I think we’ve seen that same white audi in previous 06880 posts, yes?
    Presume it is the same idiot driver, or could there be a whole idiot family?

  10. Well…they are within the lines…sort of…?

  11. J.W. Kaempfer

    Mentally handicapped, perhaps?

  12. Sven Davidson

    Do these two parkers really merit such vitriol from some posters? If they both displayed handicap passes, and they both parked within the lines, and neither one of their cars impinged on neighboring spaces, then who are we to determine the best parking angle? Just sayin’.

    • Sven, I was just about to post the same message as yours. This does not bother me nearly as much as the truly “I’m special” parking jobs we see all over town. As you say, if they have the handicapped parking credentials and their park job is not an imposition on anyone else, I’m not sure how bad an infraction this is other than the cars looking askew.

  13. robert fatherley

    Der Dan,

    Thank you for keeping us informed of the arrogance in our current culture of Westport…there are many other wonderful people out there that stop as my neighbor and I do our morning walk at 6:00 AM but we continue to pick up an amazing amount of TRASH as we walk. That island across from Starbucks on Route 1 is still disgusting and  and embarrassment to our community who likes to label itself as THE GOLD COAST…well!!!!…entitlement should bring some obligation. So much for expecting others to pick up after you…get real.

    I have already sent a note weeks ago to the First Selectman about this and so far no action….Earth Day is upon us but it should be more than Earth DAy that makes us care about our environment.

    Thank you for keeping us alert to what keeps happening in our community…both positive and negative…Julie Fatherley 

  14. Cherie Quain

    clearly they were trying to leave room for a handicapped person (not)

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  15. I guess I’d be inclined to give these people the benefit of the doubt; they may be in pain or suffering other legitimate problems. Still, in the broader sense, one does wonder, just going by the optics of it all… are they really OK to drive?

  16. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Why these incessant parking stories? So much angst?
    Careful, there’s a NIMBY mentality lurking.

  17. The “alert” reader who took these photos likely saw the driver of the Benz get out of the car. Maybe there’s a clue to the handicapworthiness there.

  18. If the “alert reader’ is close enough to take a photo of the car, why isn’t he ( or she ) close enough to photograph the plate? If you publish the plate photo along with the car parking infringement, it may have more meaning. And, to the best of my knowledge, it’s perfectly legal.

  19. Kevin Smiley

    They both have handicap placards, so what’s the big fuss?

  20. jerrymacdaid

    Not to quibble but it is unlikely that the Mercedes pulled in while the alert reader was taking the first picture since the cars next to the space the Mercedes pulled into are different in the two pics. Given how the SUV in the second pic is partially parked in the “neutral zone” where the handicapped driver would be trying to open their door, I can see why they parked that way. Should have really taken a picture of the rude black SUV’s plate too.

  21. Why the angst? It’s a valid question: what catches our attention in the midst of living our lives? I’m sure there’s more than one answer, but perhaps by way of explanation it helps to recall that the number one complaint here in the late 19th century was the fact that there weren’t enough places to tie up horses on Main Street on Sundays. In any event, it’s likely better to express frustration here than, say, in the parking lot of Fresh Market.

  22. If you pull into the horribly designed parking lot from the traffic light, then the best way to park is exactly how they did it. Handicapped folks need to enter at the light cause the other entrances are fraught with danger. If they are truly handicapped, then their parking is consistent. I give em a pass 🙂

  23. Brian Strong

    The other irony here is that handicapped spots are extra wide. There is no chance of getting a door ding when parking normally. So, there is an additional ignorance being displayed here. In big cities the SOP in this situation is the ‘bent windshield wiper’ – antisocial but sometimes fun to see..

  24. Symptomatic of why we moved to the woods of Wilton and could never again live in Westport, where despite all the good, behavior like this is a common occurrence. Boiling blood is unhealthy for people our age.

  25. Maybe the black car wanted to make it easier to leave the parking space without backing up. Not sure what to the driver of the white car was thinking….

  26. Elaine Marino

    My only issue with the manner in which the white car parked is how that car might have had to back into incoming traffic (i.e., cars entering the lot) when leaving the spot. Parking spaces are designed with traffic flow in mind, so persons who park in such a contrary manner could create a hazard.

  27. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Everyone can relax. Nothing untoward happened. Obviously.