Remembering Susan Wynkoop

Susan Wynkoop died last night, of pancreatic cancer. She was 60 years old.

Susan Wynkoop

Susan Wynkoop

Susan was a special Westporter: one of those passionate, always-ready-to-help, very effective yet down-to-earth people who quietly (and in so many ways) make this town special.

Susan had a fascinating life story. She was past president of the Westport Historical Society, a deacon at Southport Congregational Church, and among the 1st 200 women hired by the FBI. After 12 years with the agency, she became director of the FBI Foundation’s Oral History Project.

From 1990 until yesterday, she lived in the oldest house in Westport. Built around 1683, it’s the only pre-1700 structure in the entire town.

Passionate about preservation, she gained WHS “local landmark” certification for the home. As a result, it can never be torn down.

Susan Wynkoop did many things in her too-short life. That may be her greatest legacy of all.

The Wynkoops' home: 187 Long Lots Road. (Photo by Larry Untermeyer)

The Wynkoops’ home: 187 Long Lots Road. (Photo by Larry Untermeyer)

(To read about Susan’s FBI career, click here. For a story on her historic Westport house, click here.)

4 responses to “Remembering Susan Wynkoop

  1. John Hartwell

    This is so sad. Susan was a wonderful woman.

  2. Katie Chase

    Susan brought an air of graciousness to the Historical Society during her two years as president. I think it was something that her Southern heritage gave to her. She was a unique and interesting person and will be missed, not only by her family & friends, but also in this community.

  3. Jo Shields Dickison

    Katie and John it’s nice to see your words. I think it may be difficult for most to find the words here at a time like this, but among those who knew her, emails and phone calls are flying fast. All had hoped that she would have more time. For her family, her friends, her gardens, herself. Such sad news. She was absolutely wonderful.


    I am stunned and heart sick to learn of Susan’s death, and send deepest sympathies to Dutch and the family.