New Zip Code In The Works For Westport

First it was new telephone area codes.

Now, it’s a new zip code.

According to the website ZipCodesUSA, the United States Postal Service is “seriously considering” a plan to slice Westport into 2 zip codes. Other suburban communities with similar populations nationwide would also be affected.

This is not John Nissenson.

This is not John C. Nissenson.

“It’s a way of adapting to changing technology, and changing postal mailing patterns,” said John C. Nissenson, USPS director of zip code enhancement. “We think we can handle delivery more efficiently with added zip codes.” The “enhanced” zip codes would take effect January 1, 2015.

Approximately half of Westport’s residential customers would lose 06880 — our well-known zip code since they were introduced in 1963. The new zip code would be 06882. 06881 is used for town offices, while 06883 is Weston’s zip code.

Fortunately, my zip code won’t change. And rest assured: This blog’s name won’t change either.

But yours might. Click here to see a map of the proposed changes.

13 responses to “New Zip Code In The Works For Westport

  1. April Fools?

  2. Jack Backiel

    We had our own Zip Code for the Greens Farms area of Westport when we lived on South Morningside Drive. I can’t remember it with certainty, but it might have been 06436. I do remember we had Box # 306 because our mail wasn’t delived due to the fact that we lived too close to the post office.

  3. Russell Sherman

    That was great! You got me.

  4. I’m with Russel… You got me… It was the most legit fool yet!!! Plus early morning brain haze … Winner

  5. Doug Conner

    C’mon, Dan!

  6. Steve Olexa got me!!!! It’s too early to be fooled! Good one though!!!! Lol

  7. Phil Perlah

    Excellent. You even warned us yesterday that Tuesday was AFD. One nit — 06881 is for Post Office Boxes at the main (Playhouse Square) post office. The TAX COLLECTOR gets paid via a PO Box, so its 06881.

  8. Michael Calise


  9. Audrey Hertzel

    April 1 — one of the first things I thought about when I woke up: “Wonder what kind of April Fool’s joke Dan will do!” Good one!

  10. Peter Flatow

    Well done, Dan.

  11. Say it Ain’t So.

  12. I ALREADY LOST 226 AND DEMAND 06880!