A Hawkish Outlook

Dr. Richard Epstein’s Redcoat Road dental office features a back yard filled with birdhouses and feeders. The birds that hang around — and come right up to the windows — provide a wonderfully distracting show for patients, as they open wide in the dental chair.

This morning, a hawk perched elegantly on the largest feeder.

Hawk on Dr Richard Epstein's feeder

“I suspect it was looking for a different item on the breakfast menu,” Dr. Epstein says.

2 responses to “A Hawkish Outlook

  1. Glad to see Dr Epstein is still around ! I have always hated going to the Dentist until I went to him …his office is so relaxing and that view really helps with the stress and anxiety of having your teeth worked on . It’s not easy to find a good dentist !

  2. It looks like the enormous red-shouldered hawk that lives around my house on North Avenue and travels to Cob Drive, Lyons Plains Road (saw him last Sunday at the Unitarian Church) and elsewhere, I’m sure. He’s solid and powerful and finds all the meals he needs. Too bad he’s not large enough to get a deer…