Food, Glorious Food (The Sequel)

Alert “06880” readers know that my favorite new Westport restaurant — nothing else comes close — is Kibberia.

KibberiaLocated on the Post Road, at the Norwalk line — site of the old John’s Best — it offers fantastic, healthful food; warm, comfortable decor, and a very friendly and community-minded owner, Nick Iskandar.

So — trying to make sure this great spot does not suffer the fate of Cru and La Villa — I’m passing along some Kibberia-related news.

  • Nick has added music on Saturday nights. There’s a guitar player starting this week; more to come later.
  • You can order online. It’s easy — and you get 10% off your 1st order. Kibberia delivers, too.
  • Next: a belly dancer. (As soon as the weather warms up, Nick promises.)

You never saw that at John’s Best!

Some of the many intriguing dishes at Kibberia.

A few of the many intriguing dishes at Kibberia.

21 responses to “Food, Glorious Food (The Sequel)

  1. Thanks, Dan, I’ve got to try this place. I love Middle Eastern food.

  2. Lori and I have been eating at Kibberia since it first opened. The food is always great. We love the fatoosh salad and have found every meal to be top notch!

    As you mentioned, nick is a class act… A true gentleman.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

  3. Thanks, Dan.

  4. Julie can Norden

    Love this restaurant! Food is fabulous! I try to give it a shout out whenever I can.

  5. Agree totally with the above posts!! Great food, incredibly priced. Order at the front and food is brought to your table. We enjoyed the guitarist Saturday and he is a very talented musician – played background music appropriate for quiet conversation.

  6. Excellent Food and wonderful service!

  7. Dick Lowenstein

    Kye-beria or KIb-beria? I have heard both. Which is correct or preferred? (Or is there a third pronunciation?) Regardless, the food is good and Middle Eastern (from Greece to Syria) seems to be the new Pan-Asian

  8. Claudia Schattman

    YES! Yes! Yes! Kibberia is our favorite as well!!! I go weekly for hummus and tabbouleh to add to dinners at home and for snacks. Kids love it, too!

  9. Oh wow! I am really happy, honored and flattered to hear that! Thank you all, and thanks Dan! I am sure with clients like you Kibberia is here to stay. Btw, the name Kibberia is pronounced the same way you would pronounce Pizzeria, Kibbe being a traditional Lebanese dish.

  10. Isabelle Isafan

    I’m glad to read this. I’d never been interested because I didn’t like the way John’s Best remodelled. it felt cold and uninviting. I love ME cuisine! On this terrific review, I will give it a try.

  11. Thanks Nick! Dinner was delicious tonight…as always!

  12. FYI ! They have a great staff with an excellent sense of humor!!! Everyone is welcoming and the food is delicious and priced right! Plenty of table and booths and never a wait!

  13. My family and I have been eating there since before it opened! Best Lebanese food ever, especially to Brazilian ex-pats. Keep ’em coming!

  14. We love Kibberia too! The fatoosh salad and the babaganoush are awesome. Relaxing, warm atmosphere. Highly recommend.

  15. Love Kibberia!! Favorites are the lentil soup and cabbage and lentil salad. yum yum.

  16. Katie Augustyn

    Kibberia will be at the Minds in Motion on Saturday at Bedford Middle School – Nick has donated lunch for the workshop presenters and will also be offering samples to the parents of the 350 kids who are registered! We are looking forward to having the delicious food and are very appreciative of the donation! Thanks, Nick!

  17. I have eaten Mediterranean food all over the US… And find Kibberia to be as good if not better than most… The interior is clean, modern, and warm.. Simply great food… Easy going efficient service… Fantastic price …AMPLE PORTIONS

  18. Last night’s (Saturday) “Live Music Night” was wonderful! The place was packed with wonderful guests and the atmosphere was very warm. Looking forward to more similar evenings! Thank you all again!

  19. Rachel Meisel

    I LOVE KIBBERIA. I just started going 3 weeks ago and now order from there weekly! I love their falafel, kabobs, salads or whatever they are serving – its all fresh and super tasty. My new au pair, who happens to be vegetarian, loves when we order from here. I PRAY that they make it. It is such a wonderful addition to Westport! Y-U-M ! ! !