More Metro-North Fun!

Alert “06880” reader David Lehman II sent this report, while en route to New York aboard another Metro-North circus train:

The 7:22 “express” from Westport was 8 minutes late.

The normal 10-car train has only 8 cars — and one is a bar car.

The car we’re in has no heat.

And the icing on the cake: The doors opened at East Norwalk off the track!  When Metro-North tells you not to lean in the doors, they definitely mean it.

Metro North East Norwalk

13 responses to “More Metro-North Fun!

  1. Bobbie Herman

    I’m so glad I don’t commute any more.

    • Sheree Purcell

      Me too. Metro-North is a disaster!! Commuting is tough enough. But having to deal with never ending Metro-North problems is ludicrous!

  2. Whats going on with the New Haven? My Dad rode it for decades 50’s & 60’s without any problems… except maybe forgetting to get off the bar car a few times.

  3. We are seeing the residual legacy of Howard Permutt’s incompetence.

  4. I was in one of the cars that doesn’t platform at East Norwalk, but it did seem odd stopping and starting at that station and when the engineer ran though the car it was obvious we overshot the bridges… to top it off we were sitting in the tunnel at Grand Central for five minutes. Which doesn’t seem too bad except numerous trains were passing us! sigh…

  5. Mary Augustine-Morris

    AKA, just another day in the life on the New Haven Line.

  6. You really should send this to Metro North!!! Unbelivable. The blind, deaf and dumb leading the lambs to slaughter!!

    Jim Hardy +917.842.2538

  7. Next stop, Willoughby !!!

  8. Ellen Greenberg

    Wednesday afternoon the sign said 10-15 minute delays understandable after the explosion in NYC. The 5:?? Local train never showed so when the 6:13 arrived on time everyone boarded however there were no announcements until after Norwalk. We were running express, stopping only in Stamford and NYC. Big problem for anyone from the 5:?? Local train. Big oops to the conductor s not making any announcements as thewe boarded. I hope this is the getting worse before it gets better phase.

  9. It all meshes with the story in the NYT today about the lack of a safety culture on Metro North, which has resulted in the past year in 4 separate accidents involving fatalities. The story said that safety has been overlooked in favor of timeliness! HA! What commuters must contend with is really unacceptable and our elected officials need to address this urgently. It’s not as though this is a new problem, just a worsening one.

  10. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Any criminal charges filed re the recent fatalities? The photo above seems criminal in itself.