Cru Through?

Cru — the restaurant in the lower level of the Gap building, which drew a loyal following with its eclectic menu, and despite its less-than-visible entrance — appears to have closed less than a year after opening.

The phone has been “not in service” since yesterday. The website goes directly to a Google page. And at 3 p.m. this afternoon, the door was locked and there were no signs of life.

Westport restaurants sometimes arrive with great fanfare, then flame out quickly. Cru seems to be the latest addition to that unfortunate list.

Cru, in its livelier days. (Photo courtesy of Yelp)

Cru, in its livelier days. (Photo courtesy of Yelp)

13 responses to “Cru Through?

  1. I called last week to make a reservation for lunch, and they told me they were only open for dinner. They said that they had discontinued lunches at the beginning of the year, due to poor patronage, but expected to start them again during warmer weather.

  2. Picture looks lovely… I didn’t know they were there!

  3. Cheryl McKenna

    323 is next….
    As Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz
    My things come and go so quickly around here…

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    I was in town for a shopping trip with my mother late last summer, and one stop was The Gap. Never even noticed this place! It does look like it would have been pleasant – a cozy and trendy combo. Oh well, too bad.

  5. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    I can only guess that the “loyal following” have also lost their shirts.
    Location, location, location is easy to comprehend, but this kind of “back door” restaurant only works in places like NY ( but then, you have to be in the know and have the bucks, I’m guessing). I’m thinking this revolving door of restaurants in Westport would make a Paul Newman weep. Please say the farmer’s markets still exist, indoor or outdoor.

    • David J Loffredo

      And ironically Paul Newman’s restaurant also went out of business.

      • Nancy Hunter Wilson

        An open market would bring a smile. No need for pricey restaurants, just buy local, go home and cook.

  6. whhhhhaattt that looks like a beautiful place!

  7. The powers that be have been trying so hard to bring some semblence of “night life” back to Westport And new restaurants have been popping up right and left, only to fail after a few months. Meanwhile, those in Fairfield are thriving, and its downtown is very lively in the evenings. Could it be that the rents in Fairfield are more reasonable, allowing restaurateurs to make a decent profit? Just askin’.

  8. I am sad to see it go. They had great food and drinks. We went there based on a recommendation from a friend. Otherwise, I would have never notice the place.

  9. The P&Z commission work s diligently to provide more opportunities to enhance Westport for the good of all. Many entrepreneurs have accepted our “invitation” and have put their money and sweat into our town. In case you haven’t noticed, the town is changing and in my opinion , for the better. To engage in a dialogue that predicts failure and promotes negativity in not what our town needs. Cru was a beautiful restaurant, good food and the staff were welcoming and efficient. I’m sorry to see them go. To predict the failure of another local business, is just nothing but nasty. I wish all the restaurants/stores nothing but the best, and encourage Westporters to get out there and support them all.

  10. Dewey Loselle

    Commissioner Walsh is correct. The P&Z has made a number of positive changes to our regulations which have invigorated the restaurant scene in Westport and they should be commended. However, the restaurant business is still a high risk industry with many variables affecting success and there are no guarantees. The most the Town can do is create a favorable environment and conditions. The rest is up to the entrepreneurs and the market.

    In the coming months the new Downtown Steering Committee will be working with P&Z and others on the development of a master plan for downtown with the goals of making downtown even more vibrant, pedestrian friendly, aesthetically pleasing and an appealing destination. I urge all citizens to participate in the various public workshops and charrettes which will take place and contribute your ideas and preferences about how you would like to see Westport evolve.

    I hope Westporters follow-up on Cathy Walsh’s suggestion and come out and patronize the many new restaurants in Town. BTW, I had lunch at 323 (formerly Bogeys) last week and it was great. I was pleased to see many of my fellow Westporters there as well. If you haven’t been yet, check it out, along with the other new venues in Town.