Psssst … Anyone Want A Dock?

Alert “06880” reader Rick Benson spotted this 20′ x 4′ section of dock last weekend, washed up on Old Mill Beach:


As of this morning, Rick says, it was still there. Be sure to check your waterfront, to see if you are missing a dock.

12 responses to “Psssst … Anyone Want A Dock?

  1. Looks an awful lot like Longshore Sailing Schools…. Call John Kantor!

  2. Ours are all accounted for.

  3. Werner Liepolt

    Was there a shack on it?

  4. Throw a 4hp kicker on the back and you have a small party barge!

  5. The party barge idea sounds great Jamie – perhaps those cleats can be used to secure over served patrons. Are you presently accepting reservations for the 4th of July?

  6. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Are those homes beyond on bedrock?

  7. Gloria Gouveia, Land Use Consultants

    Isn’t there an ap to reunite errant docks and their owners called: “What’s Up Dock?”

  8. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Flood, tsunami, demolition waste… it’s no joke.

  9. Ahh…the permitting required would put us somewhere near the 4th of July 2020. Sorry… If it were only 35 years ago…we would have put battery powered navigation lights and a 4 hp kicker and went exploring coves and islands!!!

  10. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    I repeat, this is not a joke.

  11. Nancy Hunter Wilson

    Send a photo of all the 06880 people dealing with this, rather than complaining about it.

  12. It looks like a finger dock that broke off from a main one. It could have come from anywhere. Next to the rub rail there is a mat. Sometimes people put their boat names on there. About 15 years ago I was duck hunting in the Saugatuck and found a dock that broke off with a jet ski still tied to it.