Main Street Mural Needs A Home

In preparation for the it-can’t-come-too-soon makeover of the pedestrian tunnel between Main Street and Parker Harding Plaza, the mural created by local children in honor of Westport’s 1st “First Night” celebration in 1995 will be removed on Monday.

David Waldman will find a place for it in his Bedford Square project. But until then, it needs a home.

There are 6 panels. Each measures 4′ x 6′.

Downtown mural

If you can store it — perhaps even display it — for the next year or two, contact “Tunnel Vision” designer Miggs Burroughs: First come, first served.

Let’s see — the mural is nearly 20 years old. The kids who created it are now in their 30s. I’m sure at least one of them owns a house big enough to provide a temporary home.

Just think of it as a McMansion version of refrigerator art.

7 responses to “Main Street Mural Needs A Home

  1. I can take at least 2. Will display in my office until needed. Please let me know what you need me to do.

  2. There must be room in town hall somewhere, maybe on the Board of Ed side as it was created by school children.

  3. David A. Waldman

    Someone needs to fix them first. There is graffiti on them from the years of abuse in the tunnel. Once they are cleaned up, I will be able to put them up in the alley between Urban Outfitters and Pink Berry until Bedford Square is completed. If there is an artist who can fix them and could do it while on the walls, I can take them and out them up now.

  4. Maybe at the new “Y”?

  5. Oh, making me teary. My two older children were on that mural project. Kevin 29 and Alissa 27. They are pretending they’re a long way from 30 but we know better. Thankful for Miggs’ Tunnel Vision.

  6. Check with Town Hall–maybe Selectman’s office–about using the large house on Baron’s South–I think there is storage there that could be used.

  7. Darryl Manning

    I’m so happy to hear this! Thank you David & Miggs
    for stepping up. My son, Tom, 27, was so sad at the thought of their demise.