Neither Rain Nor Sleet … (The Other Side )

This morning’s “06880” told the tale of a Sturges Highway-area resident who — even though her mailbox is all dug out — has not received mail for a week.

That inspired alert reader Karen Murphy to tell a different tale.

She writes: “I was so impressed to see the mail delivery truck on this day when so much snow fell I took a picture!”

Mail today

The moral of the story: Just like real estate, with mail delivery it’s all about location, location, location.

5 responses to “Neither Rain Nor Sleet … (The Other Side )

  1. Our carrier has not only given up on us until spring thaw, he’s rude and aggressive about it. (If he were to say, nicely, “You know, my truck doesn’t have 4-wheel drive and I hope you understand but…” it would help A LOT.) The pledge to deliver through rain/hail/sleet/snow branding has been defaulted to UPS and FedEx, who understand something about customer service.

  2. Nancy Powers Conklin

    One question, Dan. How many times did your family not get mail delivered on High Point Road when it snowed? Was just wondering…

    • Hah! Great question! We were so fortunate to have a fantastic postman named George “Nooky” Powers — perhaps you’ve heard of him?! He could have been the greatest mailman in the history of the US Postal Service. Totally dedicated to his job, his route and his customers; always went out of his way to bring packages to the door, and check that everything was okay — and a great guy as well. My father cherished his friendship with your father. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Been getting our mail everyday and Today received hand delivered packages and mail from our postwoman! Brava! and Thank you for braving our plowed yet still scary driveway!

  4. Now 2 weeks with no mail and no contact from our carrier. I tried to shovel some of the snow away from the box, but much of it is from the street plows and too heavy to move. I put up the red mailbox flag – let’s see how long it takes USPS to put it down. I would have thought they would put a notice in my box that they are holding mail somewhere… But that is too much to expect, right?