From The Top: Thanks To DPW, Other Town Employees

First Selectman Jim Marpe sent this email to “06880” yesterday:

Thanks, Dan, for all your coverage of the town’s snow-clearing efforts this winter. Thanks too for encouraging everyone to drive more cautiously, and clear away the snow around their fire hydrants.

The positive comments about the work that our Department of Public Works snowplow drivers have done this year are particularly appreciated. Under the leadership of Steve Edwards and Scott Sullivan, our plow drivers have worked very long hours, and slept on cots at the DPW offices on the Sherwood Island Connector when they’re on duty for more than a normal shift (which has been often this season).

Westport's DPW snow plow crew does yeoman's work -- all over town. (Photo/Luke Hammerman for Inklings)

Westport’s DPW snow plow crew does yeoman’s work — all over town. (Photo/Luke Hammerman for Inklings)

They are very dedicated to doing the best job possible to clear Westport’s 123 miles of public roads as quickly as practical during and after a snowstorm.  Our streets get high praise from folks who come to Westport from nearby towns after a snowfall.

I regret that there were some lost mailboxes and blocked driveways during last week’s snowfall, but I know it was the result of the plow crews making a sincere attempt to clear the roads in a timely fashion. The DPW crews deserve our praise and thanks (and yes, some coffee or hot chocolate).

While you’re at it, share some of those hot drinks with our police, fire and EMS personnel who can always be counted on to respond as rapidly as possible regardless of the weather or time of day (or night), and with our Town Hall and school custodians who have the buildings ready for the rest of us — even on a “snow day.”

2 responses to “From The Top: Thanks To DPW, Other Town Employees

  1. Thank you Mr. Marpe , Steve Edwards and Scott Sullivan and all the DPW and all our emergency first responders who take important time away from their own families to protect ours! Dan, thank you for your insightful wisdom and coverage of Westport!

  2. Loretta Hallock

    Great job. Also, thank you Parks and Recreation.